Lose fat and gain muscle is more easily achieved as a matter of habit and greatly depends on balancing the conflicting issues of consuming more calories than one can burn, while losing fats requires burning more calories. It has been experienced that a balance of cardio and strength training helps to lose fat and gain muscles, So setting on the lose fat and gain muscle goal requires setting a specific goal in writing and being determined to achieve it at all cost. It requires realizing the things that could cause harm and those that could help and taking action.

Water is the elixir of life and it is more important than food, for no body physiological processes can be carried on efficiently without it. The importance of drinking a gallon of water daily helps most into lose fat and gain muscle. There could be inconvenience of visiting the restroom often, but this difficulty is far smaller than the benefits that would accrue out of consuming enough water. Carrying a bottle of water always and consuming it periodically helps not to just remain well hydrated, but also helps to lose fat and gain muscle.

More frequent and small meals, about 5 to 6 times a day consisting of higher proteins, moderate carbohydrates and low fats helps the body's metabolism to very effectively burn calories consumed more quickly and efficiently and to play the important dual role of building muscles and losing fat. Eating fewer meals or skipping meals would only slow down the body metabolism and also cause build up of fats. The most ideal combination of food nutrients would be 50% of calories coming from proteins, 40% from carbohydrates and 10% coming from fats.

Intense cardiovascular workouts done 3 or 4 times a week helps to burn the most calories, as it increases the overall metabolic rate of the body throughout the day. Putting in all your energy with doing a warm up session of 5 minutes before with a 20 minutes intense workout and subsequently followed by a cooling down of 5 minutes helps. The cardio need to be intense and brief to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

Next, intense weight training that will help you burn fat in future with gain of muscle and the body trying to maintain that increased muscle tissue with expending energy. So you would be expending more calories even at rest, with weight training helping not to just add strength to existing muscles, but also helps to add additional lean muscle tissue to handle the demands placed on the muscles in future. So weight training occupies a place of priority in losing fat and building muscles.

Being a success at losing fat and gaining muscles requires figuring out your daily energy expenditure or caloric maintenance level. Then you should work on reducing consumption below your energy output. The best figure would be about 150-200 calories below your maintenance levels. Observation and experience would help you figure out if you need lesser energy expenditure.

Keeping your workouts intense and to the point and not doing your cardio before weight training would help. In addition, cardio and proper nutrition are the 2 most important areas that help burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

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