Lord Hanuman is undoubtedly one of the most adored deities in Indian mythology, and is loved by kids and grownups alike. Tales of Bajrang Bali, taken from the classical Indian mythology are as adored as the deity, and are always close to the hearts of worshippers.

Bajrang Bali is believed to be a divine progeny, born to the air. He is thus known as Maruti, Vayu Purtra and Pawan Putra. Additionally, the glorious Sri Hanuman is a reincarnation, or Avtar of Lord Shiva (Rudra), and is also known as Rudravtar.

It is believed that birth of Bajrang Bali was for a special cause, and that was to help Lord Ram in his fight against demon king Ravana in the quest to find Sita Mata.

A very famous mythological tale associated with Lord Hanuman involves Lord Vishnu and a frantic Narad Muni. Once in a fit of rage, Narad Muni cursed Lord Vishnu that he'd have to depend heavily on a monkey. But eventually, Narad Muni apologized. He offered to withdraw the curse, and Lord Vishnu said that resulting from the curse, Lord Shiva's incarnation Hanuman will be born. He would help Vishnu's incarnation Rama save the world.

Another tale associated with Lord Kesarinandan involves Sindur, or the vermilion that married Hindu women put on parting of their hair. Once as Sita Mata applied Sindur on her head, Lord Hanuman wanted to know about it.

Sita Mata said that this ensures your master has a long life.

Lord Hanuman was inspired by the idea; he smeared his entire body in Sindur! Even till date, in Hanuman temples, idols of Lord Hanuman are often smeared with a mix of Sindur and oil.

Bajrang Bali has more temples in India than any other deity. He is worshipped by hundreds of thousands of devotees, and is looked up to for his qualities.

Prabhu Hanuman is highly knowledgeable, intelligent and possessed with humility. He is worshipped for his might, strength and wisdom, but his most adorable quality is his selfless devotion to Seeta Mata and Bhagwan Sri Ram. Lord Hanuman is blessed with supernatural abilities by various Gods.

Lord Indra has blessed him with knowledge and mighty powers that include protection from death and carnal pleasure. Hanumanji is immortal, and is also known as Chiranjeevi.

Some of the mighty abilities of Bajrang Bali include expanding or contracting his form to any size he likes, and the ability to fly long distances.


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