Ok, so I can't sing like the all girl band, The Pussycat Dolls, but what is in this message is just as "hot" as the song with the above title. Over the past four years as I coach and facilitate The Power of Awareness programs, I've noticed a consistent theme. When folks go into justification mode, they love to proclaim in their loud and proud voice "so and so pushed my buttons!"

Now, when I hear this, and after I've chuckle inside, I state, in my very professional and coach like manner, show me your buttons! To which they reply with astonishment and sometimes annoyance; what do you mean show you my buttons? And because I practice not interpreting what folks say, I simply repeat; show me your buttons! Needless to say, no one has ever been able to show me, let alone find, these imaginary buttons.

I bet you too have said this, or know someone who does. I know I've proclaimed this self-righteous victim mantra many times. You see, when we claim others are the cause of our suffering, because they know what to say or do that "pushes our invisible buttons," and renders us powerless...yep, we become our own victim. Let me explain further. We teach others how to treat us by the way we "react" to what they say or do. Think about it, how could anyone know your weak spot(s), unless of course, you have shown them your weak spot(s).

What we imply when we say "someone pushed our buttons" is that they have power over our feelings. They have power to make us feel good or feel bad. The great misunderstanding about this is that no one -I'll repeat-no one, can make us feel anything! One of the "secrets" to experiencing inner peace is understanding that feelings are the result of our thoughts. So the truth of the matter is that someone said something, and it matters not if it's to us or about us, or about someone else for that matter, and "our" mind simply interprets what is. The interpretation, which is based on our internal programming or conditioning, sends signals through the brain to our body causing us to experience feeling good or bad. When we don't understand this, we are in essence handing others the power to manipulate how we feel.

With this awareness, you can begin to loosen, and eventually let go all together of the "buttons" you proudly wear that others have been pushing. So here is a tool for shifting from giving away your power to owning it. When someone says or does anything, and I do mean anything stop, listen and feel.

• Stop!
• Listen to the thoughts that arise as your mind interprets the situation. Are they reactive, meaning defensive or accusatory or are they neutral?
• Next, and do this immediately, Feel the sensation that is taking place in your body. Is your body experiencing feeling good or feeling bad?

Armed with this awareness, ask yourself this simple yet powerful question; what interpretation could I have about this situation that will cause me to feel better?

This process is what I call Shift & Lift. When we take control of our thoughts we are deliberately choosing how we want to feel. Personally, I prefer better feeling thoughts. Not that there is anything wrong with feeling bad....if that's what you prefer.

So go ahead, loosen up your buttons babe, and hold on to your power, uh-huh!

Laina Orlando
Awareness Coach

Author's Bio: 

Laina Orlando has been an Atlanta, Georgia resident for 22 years. She is a seasoned entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, Awareness coach, creator and facilitator of The Power of Awareness program. Laina is also the founder of the The Center for Awareness, LLC, located in Marietta, GA. Over the past 4 years, hundreds of people have experienced life changing effects through The Power of Awareness programs and coaching offered by Laina.

Laina empowers her clients to become aware that by them not fully understanding how to operate their mind, they have unconsciously limited their ability to realize their full potential. Laina believes that inside each of us lies a powerful being waiting to be revealed, and that is only possible when one takes full possession of our mind.

Laina has transformed her life, including creating a magnificent divorce, raising empowered children, attracting her soul mate, and launching her dream career, by utilizing tools and techniques she teaches others. She is passionate about inspiring those committed to creating magnificent lives, complete with delicious relationships, ever present health, extraordinary careers and financial independence.

You are more powerful than you’ve been lead to believe. Yet only you can summon the courage and determination required to stop playing small!

“If you are ready to claim your magnificence, I am ready to assist you in transforming your life!”

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