The famous motto goes don’t always judge a book by its cover and read in between the lines. It is always how you represent yourself. I am even going to quote a familiar Aesop Fable story where the wolf disguised himself by wearing sheep’s clothing and even fooled the shepherd “The first such story is told by the 12th century Greek rhetorician NikephorosBasilakis in a work called Progymnasmata”.

People often stereotype others by how they dress, how they act and how they communicate. Don’t let yourself be fooled. How do you think Ted Bundy often misled young women into his grasp, no one would even believe that a Caucasian male who was attractive and knew how to captivate his victims by acting sweet and helpless that could do such harm as a serial Killer. Yes, he fooled many but take a look back and didn’t fit the usual criminal profile and this is why he was able to continue his merciless killings.

I often think why people judge a person on their looks when it shouldn’t matter in how the person looks since any type of person can commit anything heinous. Look at some women who have committed crimes and murders, no one in their right mind would think that some of these fragile or helpless looking type of women could have it in them to do so such heartless acts. Anyone can be driven to do thoughtless acts especially if they are pushed to the point of no return, there is only so much a person can handle before they break.

This is why it is very important to make sure that you are careful in how you deal with certain individuals some can be trusted and there are some who are just there to get over on you since they view you as someone they can use. They see you as a good hearted person cause of how you act and dress, now if you were to dress shabby and talk all ghetto maybe you better your chance that someone won’t get even think of trying that with you. Sad if you think about it, that if you act a certain way that people see you in a different light.

I even encountered a few things in my life…while working in a Psychiatric Hospital.I quickly came to realize that these mentally sick individuals looked normal and it was hard to come by that these could be people that you could just walk by you and you would not even realize that they had anything wrong with them.

So, I say this to you, be careful in your dealings since you never know who is out there to take advantage not saying everyone is bad out there but, there are those who know how to feed on the weak minded and know how to pursue them. Don’t always believe what another person says or thinks since they are trying to get you into their web of deception. Trust your intuition since it is never wrong and be cautious on outer appearances.

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I first started giving advice/personal thoughts on facebook to my friends and family regarding their relationship or just everyday life issues so I feel that I can reach out to different people on different levels.

I am new to the article writing field, but I have always had an artistic ability that I never used up until now.

Been an administrative professional for the last 20 years so I definitely have the business savy and my writing flair definitely can appeal to different people.

I have found recently that sometimes writing articles based on life experiences can help inspire other people and that can be very rewarding knowing that you helped a stranger improve their lifestyle based on your advice or article.

I am in the process of writing my self-motivation book.