I've worked with a lot of master champions. Some have mastered a sport. Some had a skill like ballet. Some have mastered a musical talent or instrument but some of them master everything. They do that by mastering life. They become enlightened.

To be in the presence of such a being is to me the epitome of life. There is nothing more exciting, calming, rewarding, clarifying, and intriguing than to talk with a master. You are talking on a direct line to God.

When you first look for the love in anyone, you are really looking for God. You are looking for God to come through your lover and immerse you in blissful love. You are looking for God to come through a child and delight you with their freshness and spontaneity You are looking for God to come through nature and kiss you with the sun, wash you with the rain, caress you with the wind. You are looking for God in all these things. If you go to these things directly, God certainly can show up, but this illusion can trap you into believing that the person, thing, event, idea or place is the source of your love. It is not. God is. If you can go to God first all else becomes God-like. Problem solved.

I know it sounds simplistic. It is not. Even the enlightened struggle to find God. To the midst of the deep struggle and the ultimate surrender when the ego fights the divine nature, God reveals itself. Everything becomes God because you have embraced God fully. You have fully integrated into your being the God presence. Nothing else is needed. The search is over and LIFE truly begins.

Remember who you are!

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CEO of White Wing Entertainment, Terri Marie is an award winning author and producer who believes in the hero within. Her books include double award winner "Be the Hero of Your Own Game." She has produced PSA’s and 27 documentaries, including an award-winning program on James Roosevelt. She writes a column called, “Heroes Among Us,” which you can find at http://heroesamongus.blogspot.com. Receive a “Year of Cheer” and Spiritual Good News at www.spiritualarena.com
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