It seems like all the time that kids are growing up, they just want to be older. Once you hit a certain age, you can’t remember why you ever thought that was a good idea, and suddenly you are far more interested in looking younger. If you have crossed that bridge, and you’ve found yourself trying to look younger again, here are a few tips you should try.

The thing with aging is that it doesn’t affect only one area of your body. It seems like everything is affected by those few extra years. When trying to look younger, you will want to consider some things from different parts of your body so that you look the best all around.

You might have noticed that as you’ve grown older, your hair has become more limp. There’s something about age and limp hair. If this is you, you might want to start boosting your hair’s volume. Don’t overdo it so that your hair is unnatural and huge, but ratting your hair for some extra oomph can do a lot to make you look younger.

Age can also affect skin tone. If you have noticed an increase in redness or blotchy spotting, you might want to invest in some new foundation to even out that tone. Get a fair amount of sun to stay up on your vitamin D and your natural glow, but always be sure to wear sunscreen so you don’t overexpose your skin. Too much sun exposure can cause discoloration and can cause even more unwanted wrinkles.

If your teeth are a sore spot for you, it might be time to invest in some teeth whitening. Having a white smile can do miracles in helping you feel younger and more confident. Teeth whitening are a simple and inexpensive resource that can make a huge difference. Don’t underestimate the benefit of teeth whitening when you are trying to look younger.

Dark circles and sagging under your eyes can be a big giveaway to getting older. You can minimize these circles by getting adequate sleep and drinking plenty of water. It also might be helpful to wear just a little makeup, to cover up the rest.

A little bit of lipstick and some eyeliner can help your confidence and youthful look. Make sure you don’t wear too much, or you will worsen the problem. Wear just enough to feel fresh, not to be overdone.

You don’t need to hide the fact that you are growing up; it happens to everyone! But, you can do it gracefully and beautifully with a little bit of help.

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Peter Morgan is a health writer with Teeth Whitening superstore, covering topics such as teeth whitening gel, teeth whitening kits as well as news on the latest teeth whitening methods.