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Every year, a number of people come to visit Altmark, a city in Germany. This city one of the beautiful and stunning cites of Germany. It is having a rich culture, history and rugged beauty that usually compel people to visit here. This city offers all the facilities and amenities to its visitors that are usually required for spending their holidays. From dining to accommodation, you can get all in this beautiful city with great ease. Majority of hotels of this city are well-known for providing best accommodation facilities to its visitors. Luxurious accommodation and tasty dining options makes it easy for the tourists to stay here during their holidays with great comfort. People of every age group can enjoy great holidays in this amazing city. Even though, there are a number of popular accommodation and dining options available but Landhotel Zum Pottkechen is considered as one of the most famous hotels of Altmark, Germany. A number of visitors visit this hotel, every year.

There are a number of things that makes this accommodation option very popular among visitors. As far
as Landhotel Zum Pottkechen is concerned, it is situated in the historic Pottkuchen district of Kalbe. This 18th century half-timbered building has maintained its location opposite to the 1,000 year older Nikolas Church. This hotel is well-known for offering state of the art facilities and world class service to its visitors. The rooms of the hotel have been endowed with all the latest tools of the decoration. Each and every room features a work desk and every private bathroom is having shower in it. More to the point, the staff of the hotel serves up a buffet every morning in the breakfast room of the hotel with its customary tiled stove. The hotel is also facilitated its customers with parking service for the convenience of the visitors.

Additionally, there is also the facility of soundproofed and non-smoking rooms incorporated with modern heating options. Not only this, library, fishing, hiking, horse riding, cycling and canoeing are some of the facilities that are also included in the hotel’s facilities. Apart from it, visitors can also avail the benefits of Wi-Fi facility as it is available in the whole hotel and that too with free of charge. So, what are you waiting for? Choose this hotel as it is considered as one of the best hotels located in the historic Pottkuchen district.

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