Looking for a steady profit is one of the challenges that most wedding videographers in San Francisco face. Having a client who is willing to pay your rate is another thing to consider. If you have experienced attending networking associations, you just have to carry on with that rhythm to continue finding the right people.

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The first time you try networking, you'll realize that it doesn't work at the initial meetings. Many members of these networks just want to ensure that you are legitimate before they speak to you about business.

I understand that not everyone becomes successful through networking. A lot of times, those that don't believe that it works are just not correctly doing it. These are the possibilities of that.

1.) Probably, you don't get the right kind of connections for your network.

Obviously, you won't get the chance to introduce yourself with the correct prospect if you are not in the perfect place at an ideal time. It is not a good idea to attend networking meetings where the guests of that association are mostly small businesses or sales representatives who wanted to make a sale to these small companies. Do not go to these meetings.

2.) You incorrectly network at these meetings. Networkers are categorized into two - Hunters and Farmers.

The hunter's goal in every meeting is to go for the kill at the quickest possible time so that he can get business before he leaves. People don't go to these events just to be sold that's why when the "hunter" type of networker comes around, they are not favored. Although networking is a good way to find business, you won't get one in the first meeting you attend to. You have to establish rapport with the people you meet and then when you develop a connection with them, the business will eventually follow.

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You should always be the "Farmer" in networking. You have to plant a lot of seeds in every event you go to. The secret is to create time. You will always be busy with so many things that's why it is important to create a schedule for these events to avoid missing any. Be introduced to as many people as you can. Distribute your business cards and include them in your mailing list. This actually works!

When you do networking, you are developing accomplishments for the future and not at present. It's the same thing when you work out. When you do pushups, you don't expect to see the results once you're done. But once you start doing pushups and pursue it for the next couple of months, you will notice the change in your body sculpture. This is how networking or marketing works. You need to invest your time and efforts before you receive the rewards you deserve.

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