For the majority of the businesses, it becomes really important to have transport-friendly packaging for the products. It is not only about the design, but also the protection of goods while they are in transit. The journey of the product includes different modes of transport. With globalization, there is an increase in food imports. Thus, one needs to explore different packaging methods to adopt intelligent packaging technologies.

The purpose of packaging is to protect the product from physical, chemical and microbial adulteration. In recent times, the product distribution process uses air, sea and road transport. The products have to travel longer distances, increasing their storage times. Therefore, the packaging used plays an important role in determining the shelf life of the product.

To serve this purpose, there are companies like Bankey Bihari Pvt. Limited which delivers premium packaging materials to meet the increasing demands of the consumers. The packaging solutions provided by them are suitable for both local and export conditions. They use BOPP woven fabric which is laminated, moisture-proof, UV ray protected and recyclable.

Different modes of transport have different requirements such as sea freight transportation which is used by companies to distribute large amounts of goods. This transportation is the longest one and is ideal for bulk shipments. The safest mode of transporting goods is air freight. This transports the products quickly and improves the level of service. Lastly, we have shipped through road transport, which is required in almost all product distribution. Transportation through road is cost-effective but one thing which should be kept in mind is to ensure proper vibration protection.

Bankey Bihari’s pinch bottom and BOPP laminated packaging bags offer secure packaging solutions for products to be distributed through any mode of transport. Their packaging is well equipped to resist turbulence and changes in atmospheric pressure. Their material is transport friendly and provides the customers with convenient options.

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