Your own designated work space, is meant to provide your business with the much-needed infrastructure and amenities that you and your employees need to perform better and achieve your business goals.

Businesses cannot always be efficiently operated from home and therefore you need an alternative space, from where you can run operations smoothly. Be it a small business or a start-up, if you have multiple staff you need the opportunity to collaborate. So it's very favourable for any business, be it of any scale to either buy or rent an office space.

If you have decided that now would be a good time to start branching out and looking at setting up your office in San Francisco, you are in good company. The Bay Area’s core office market retained its spot as the nation’s strongest office market, with the lowest vacancy and highest rents. Much of this is attributed to the demand from tech firms.

Local tech giants include the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google, that continue to expand, swallowing up whatever space may become available.

If you only require a small room, or a plug and play set up initially, many coworking or flexible work hubs have been set up in The Bay area to accommodate just that, but once your team grows and revenue increases, it becomes essential for you to relocate into a larger space that will allow all your employees to work in close proximity to each other!

This kind of workspace will help you to monitor and motivate your employees’ work, and also allows for greater team integration, but if you are looking to stay in the Bay area, it won’t come cheap.

Work together in unison

There are different kinds of workspaces available in San Francisco for every different and unique type of business. From relaxed and friendly open plan flexible operations to formal, professional corporate business suites.

The style that you go for is hugely dictated by the type of business that you run or the clientele that your industry attracts.

Some business centres have strict policies and formal dress codes, the likes of which may not be appreciated by creative business types.

Like wise, a corporate law firm, may not feel at home amongst scatter cushions, ping pong tables and funky neon llama signs.

Conducting office viewings is essential in determining what is available within your budget and what environment would best be suited to your team.

There are many online resources you can utilize to search for office vacancies in San Francisco and you can request prices and images right away, so you can get an idea of costs before viewings, so you aren’t wasting your time looking at options you simply can’t afford.

Perfect workplace just for you

Your office space must maintain an environment that boosts the morale and confidence of the people working there, including yourself. You must go for an office space that is perfect for the kind of business you run. Besides aesthetics and ambience, the address of the office also plays a vital role in developing the reputation of the business.

If you opt for space in the iconic Salesforce Tower, a 1,070-foot office skyscraper in the South of Market district, of downtown San Francisco, straight away your business oozes success, credibility and professionalism and the 1st impression when prospective customers walk through the foyer will not disappoint. In that respect, paying for prestige can be a worthwhile investment.

Most customers and clients tend to make a deal with businesses that are situated in prominent commercial spots, but make sure it’s within the budget before you sign on the dotted line!

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