During life, we all seek to know someone well enough to feel love and be loved; we seek to connect and be a part of another person's life. When we look for love, sometimes we are looking for a lot more than love itself. We are not just looking for someone to be with, but we are also looking to fulfill everything we need in life. We want understanding, someone by our side; we want companionship, sentiment, and all the desired characteristics we find attractive and need in another person. Love has a big list to fill, or so we think so.

Finding love can be a lot easier when we let go of all that we think we need because love can be enough all by itself. It is when we get distracted by our other needs that we forget or even overlook the love that is or can be there, for finding love isn’t about finding the criteria we think we need in another person. Love is more than our list of what we want. Love, true love, can be in a very different from what we would ordinarily find attractive or essential to our needs. Imagine if you were more open and aware of what your true needs were and instead looked from this place? Imagine if you let go of all you think you need in order to fall in love with someone? By letting go of your agenda of what love is and needs to be, you can feel love for the sake of love. If you let go of how it must be, you can feel it from a more pure place.

We may not even see the love that is available to us because of our biased idea of how it must be for us. True love, the person that really fits us, does not always come in the package we deem essential. If you let go of your idea of the perfect match, the perfect love, and allowed yourself just to feel and be open, who would you see? What person in your life have you overlooked simply because they didn’t fit in with your idea of the perfect mate? What relationship are you stuck in because you believe this is what love should be, even if you don’t feel it? Love can come from the most unexpected places. Do not keep yourself stuck in a loveless relationship because you think it is ideal and fits with your expectations. Do not ignore the possibilities based on your assumptions of what this other person may or may not be. Open yourself up to everything around you and lose your criteria for love. Love encompasses more than you think, and it can overshadow all you have ever known so far. Let yourself find love by escaping from what you think love is. Open up to love with no ideas of how it has to be. When you do this, finding love is a lot easier, for you give yourself a chance to find the love you are meant to be with.

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