If you are looking at entertainment options for your child's birthday party, a summer event or even an indoor celebration, you might want to buy or hire an inflatable slip and slide or some other kind of inflatable. As long as you have room for them they can be outdoors or indoors, and you can even get them suitable for children and adults so everyone can join in on the fun. There are several places you cal look, your local phone book for one, but online is a great way to look as it gives you a chance to look at their website, see what they have, see images and also look at customer reviews.

What to think about when buying or hiring an inflatable

When you find somewhere that looks good there are a few things to consider before you hire or purchase anything. Asking these questions ensures you get something safe, appropriate and fun. They are;

  1. How old is the inflatable? When hiring inflatable slides, Canada you want it to be less than four years old. After that, they start to age more quickly and there is more wear and tear in them, especially when they are not looked after and maintained as they should be.
  2. Does it meet minimum safety standards? Each country has its own standards of safety when it comes to inflatables like the inflatable slip and slide. Check what those standards are where you live and make sure anywhere you hire from or buy from adheres to those standards. This ensures the inflatable is safe to use.
  3. Does it have documentation to show it is well maintained? There should also be documentation that promises the inflatable has been maintained properly.
  4. Is the size suitable for the space you have? While there will be size specifications on the site or at the shop, make sure you have measured the space you are putting it into and that there is plenty of room. Avoid squeezing it in, there should be plenty of room.
  5. Are the pictures up to date? The pictures you see on the website could be out of date. Sometimes businesses do not update them, and especially with hire shops the race track you might be looking for might not be what they have now. Double-check with them.
  6. Is the manufacturer trustworthy? Look at who the maker is of the inflatable you want and do some research into their reliability and quality. Do they have a lot of complaints from people? Do they only follow minimum guidelines for safety or go further?  


Whatever type of inflatable you are considering, from bouncy castles to obstacle course, inflatable slides Canada to bouncy balls, when you ask the right questions you can ensure whether you hire or buy, you get the best in suitability, quality and safety.

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