Mobile applications are rapidly becoming one of the most influential factors that act as a catalyst in global markets. With mobile usage at an all-time high, the number of mobile application downloads per year is quickly increasing. While 2017 logged mobile application downloads of 197 billion, the application downloads for 2018 are estimated to cross 250 billion according to statista.

People spend more than 2 hours per day using mobile applications, this makes the job of mobile application development companies very important for businesses. Developing a mobile application is clearly the first step to a successful business. But how does one move ahead after the application has been developed?

A mobile application becomes a representation of the business and its functions. It is the primary source of communication with customers, while secondarily, it becomes a key enabler in streamlining all processes and breaking down silos among departments. The accessibility of mobile applications is the reason why their development is key to brand building and displaying its full potential to its customers, employees and business partners alike.

Large organizations have already begun capitalizing on mobile applications to generate higher revenues. However, smaller organizations must not lose out on such opportunities. This is where a mobile application development company like HokuApps comes into the picture. Smaller enterprises do not have the means to develop applications in-house and that are capable of surviving a competitive market space. This opens up space for mobile app development to expand any business’s range and growth to satisfy the new needs that are generated.

HokuApps is a great example of how a mobile application development company can go beyond the general scope of app development. Their automated mobile app development platform is one that is reliable, cost-effective and offers short-time-to-market because of its automation.

Aside from this, HokuApps allows for quick and easy customization that fulfill all kinds of business needs. They are a shining example of all the ways in which a mobile app development company can move forward.

Here are some ways in which companies can increase their functionality:

  • Mobile app development can be a simple process (in comparison with traditional approaches that create apps from scratch).
  • The created application must be cross-platform.
  • Automation is key. Developed mobile applications must be automated so that they can run on any platform such as iOS, Android, Web etc. as well as other software.
  • Also, the platform has the ability to automatically connect to over 500 systems.
  • Automation also increases speed and functionality.
  • The application created must generate appeal. One way to do this is to allow the development of an application that can be personalized while requiring very little coding to achieve the same.

The HokuApps platform has made its mark because it creates 90% of the applications by automation. It offers pre-built business modules that can be customized by including necessary pre-built technology components. This speeds up the process of building the app and significantly cuts down costs.

Its automation layer also provides a UI/UX design studio that has options for various business verticals. It already has inbuilt connectors that can be integrated to tools instantly, such as GPS tracker and QR code scanner etc. to facilitate requirements of various processes.

Mobile app development through HokuApps is a smooth running, transparent and affordable process because the mobile application development company understands every business’s individual needs and already has solutions for the same.

The automated platform features include:

  • Enterprise Administration Backend - it allows for a customizable user administration to fit the unique hierarchy of the company. It also includes a granular reporting engine and dashboards, while automatically provide a mobile view and web backend.
  • Communication Framework - it already possesses a notification framework and allows live business chat facilities which enable quicker communication.
  • Enterprise Security and Infrastructure Framework - it includes best-in-class security services along with an infrastructure framework that offers scalability.

HokuApps is a company that is well versed with application development and knows what drives the market. Their offerings are developed and deployed at 10x speed and they constantly keep business owners in the loop so that applications can be customized to best represent the business. All these features are what is required of application development companies to get ahead.

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