Finally, it's time to move out of the property that you have been paying rents for. Finally, your apartment is ready, and your life as a tenant has ended. Congratulations on your new achievement! After all, moving to your owned property always brings in a lot of gusto and glee that are just undeniable.

However, before that, you need to take note of a lot of certain things. You have to put in place the moving plans and things related to it. And then, it's the chapter of cleaning that unfolds. You need to make sure you are returning the property back to its owner in precisely the way you had received it. There lies the real challenge.

This is the end of lease cleaning that is being talked about, and it is not a child’s play. In fact, it is a specialist’s job, no matter whether it is a residential or an office property or a property you had used for commercial purposes.

Fret not, as there are ways out! You can bestow the responsibility of end of lease cleaning to companies that offer private as well office cleaning services in Canberra. These companies provide immaculate cleaning services to their clients, and that is what makes them indispensable. Now, what new things they do? Let us see.

Ideally, when we speak about the end of lease cleaning, there have to be certain parameters included. End of lease cleaning covers the following points.

Carpet cleaning

It is very much included in the end of lease cleaning. Naturally, your landlord will anticipate that you thoroughly clean the carpets before you move. In fact, the cleanup has to be immaculate and such that there will be no dust and dirt or traces of termite or mildews on the carpets. They have to as good as new.

This is the reason you need professionals who come up with all the necessary machines and accessories, tools and cleaning agents to make sure the cleaning is fast, yet comprehensive and perfect. This is to make sure, both their clients and their landlords are happy.

One good thing that these professionals do is that they prepare a preliminary checklist regarding every cleaning task to be carried out. The strategy guarantees that all the aspects of end of lease training are covered. 

Rubbish Clearance

You need to get rid of all the rubbish that has accumulated in the garden, terrace and every other nook and cranny of the property. All of them need to be disposed of comprehensively. Also, every unwanted furniture and fitting, or stock has to be eliminated from the property.

Cleaning the bathrooms

The bathrooms and toilets have to be cleaned and sanitized appropriately. It includes taking care of the sinks and urinals, sewerage and drains. They need to be checked to make sure there is no blockage, and every accessory is working the way it is expected to.

Other aspects of end of lease cleaning in Canberra include cleaning the mirrors and windows, stainless steel surfaces and other special surfaces, comprehensive floor cleaning, mopping, refinishing, polishing, sweeping, striping and waxing the floors.

In case it is a commercial property, deep cleaning of cafeterias, kitchens and staff rooms, air conditioning vents and outdoor units are also included. 

Again, the idea of the end of lease cleaning hence is handing over the property to the landlord in exactly the way you had received it, at the start of the lease.

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The author owns a company that offers end of lease cleaning in Canberra. Besides providing office cleaning services in Canberra, it also offers domestic cleaning. The author is specialized on end of lease cleaning and is a regular blogger on the subject as well.