Thinking of installing a dash cam in your car?

Well, it has become more than a trend to record offbeat videos that can make your day. Today, the use of dash cam is being used as a strong proof for the insurance claims that ask for a proof, in case of any accident or mishappening. The dash cam works as the black box of your car. Earlier, it was hard to find the right platform for purchasing a quality dash cam, but with the availability of online store, it becomes easy for the buyers. There are many online stores where you can find the genuine and high-quality dash cam for your vehicle.

But the major question is what traits you should always look in a dash cam that can easily be mounted in your car. Below is the list of essential features that must be available in the product that you are buying.

Basically, the dash cams are categorized under three sections i.e. Performance, Cheap and Reliable. It’s more than luck if you find one with all these traits. is a good platform where you can find the dash cams with all these features.

Below are the considerable features whenever you look for dash cam for your car.

Looping Features: In many cameras, you need to operate each and every video manually, but with many dash cams, all the previous videos are overlapped with the new video that omits the time to delete each video manually. The auto-deletion of old videos will also help you keep free space in your dash cam.

Storage Capacity: When you are buying the dash cam, it must be capable to store an ample number of videos. Limited storage will be a trouble for you frequently. According to the data, nearly 720fps of the video when recorded for 1 hour will take nearly 1-2 GB of storage. So, it’s important to look for this feature.

Night Vision Capability: it’s not always that you will travel in the daytime, you could even drive at night, so your dash cam must be capable to capture night vision recording. Nigh time video recording ensures a smooth journey. You should test the camera under the low light before checkout.

Standby Feature: Today, with eh advancement of technology new models is available with the standby feature. The standby feature allows your dash cam to switch off when your engine is not in use and automatically starts recording whenever the engine turns on.

Dual or Single Lens: There are basically two types of the dash cam. One is available with a single lens and the latter one is available with dual lens. In the dual lens format, you are offered front and rear lens that delivers extra capturing capability. Whatever format you choose, it totally depends on your needs. However, both are good according to their budget.

So, it’s time to invest your amount in the best product and mount it on your car mirror to build unique footage. But before owning the dash camera, make sure it encompasses all the essential traits, mentioned above. These features will make your product worthy with respect to its features and price. What other features you think must be present in this list?

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