Quick heal antivirus system is the best one to safeguard your computer system and stay free from all the tensions that crop up during the work time. With Quick Heal, computer users can manage all the tasks and even get better speed while they operate on the computer. It has various support centers in several cities of India and is one of the most popular antivirus systems in the country. The company provides the best technology to protect your PC. The antivirus gives you hassle free security and you can download files or even share files without any risk of infecting your PC with the virus.

The Quick Heal Security Softwares price in India depends on the antivirus that you choose as they can range from various prices. The usual price of the antivirus is around Rs. 500, and gives you protection against the malicious threats that usually enter your system without even you knowing it and can create havoc in the system by eliminating all your important data and you lose important documents as well. Infection can be caused when you are browsing the net, checking mails, going through the various websites or even chatting. The Quick heal can instantly recognize the virus and get rid of it.

The antivirus can shield even the worms, spywares, Trojans, viruses and many other threats that can harm your computer. Many types of unknown threats enter the computer through unknown sources, to check them; the antivirus works fast and is a reliable source to get rid of these unwanted viruses in the computer.

Installation is also easy and does not take long to install. Within few minutes you are free to browse the web for as long as you want and without the fear of any virus. The antivirus also protects our laptop; mobile etc. The Quick Heal total security 2012 (1 User) is a smarter option for the business users. It provides protection against all kinds of internet viruses and gives you peaceful nights.

There are many other features in the Total security system that also features parental control and provides facility of control child viewing and restrict children from viewing adult sites. The integrated PCTuner tool improves the efficient of the PC and helps you finish your work faster and without any interference. It also has the power to prevent unauthorized copying of data that are otherwise copied using the flash drives. It can permanently delete files that are not retrievable.

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