The right illustrator in the UK can make sure your book is a great success. It is true what they say about a picture painting a thousand words since a talented and professional illustrator can bring your book to life. The ideal illustrator would be someone who cares about your project almost as much as you do and takes the responsibility to ensure that he delivers precisely what he promised.

To make sure you find the right illustrator in UK, here are some tips. Begin by knowing what you are looking for, so that you can hire the best professional for your book. Next, do the following:

- Determine your target audience and demographic, which will help you decide what will appeal to them, so that you can choose a specific style of illustration
- Depending on the message you plan to get across, consider being unique with your visuals and use, for example, cartoons instead of regular illustrations. This will help shortlist illustrators in the UK.
- Based on what you need, you now need to find your illustrator. Browse artists’ websites to get an idea of their style and presentation, the kind of art they specialize in, their experience and their ability to consistently produce the kind of illustrations you are looking for.
- Ask to see the artist’s portfolio to see work similar to what you need. Request to see other published clients’ work if any.
- After shortlisting your illustrators in the UK, conduct a quick online search for more information related to their published work and popularity.
- Get information about the illustrator’s fees to check if this will fit into your budget for your project.

Making the effort to identify a suitable illustrator is worth it since the wrong one can not only cost time, but also money put to better use. Reliable illustrators usually have a portfolio with all the relevant information a client might want to see before hiring them. This would include examples of their best work that they are proud to show.

Experienced illustrators know how to approach a project and come up with valuable suggestions for your project. While most artists work traditionally, they also understand different file formats in which the work must be delivered for clients at a different geographical location.

When you hire an illustrator in the UKensure you give the illustrator a detailed description of your project. It is a good idea to involve the illustrator in your creative discussions so that he can come up with his best work. You will also need to let the illustrator know how many illustrations you need, the sizes and format, who your target audience will be, whether there are specifications related to colours and backgrounds and if you plan to publish your book in both digital and print version. This is critical as an online version differs in requirement from a printed book.

Getting all the information in place in advance can help you hire the best illustrator in UK for your project.

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