In our technology-driven world, the news that engineers are in demand is no surprise. The work of an engineer today demands that they have an ability to deal with the new and turn it into an innovative idea for the world. This inculcation of the need to innovate happens during an individual’s college time. Thus it is most crucial that your choice of the best engineering college in Dehradun is flawless.
The college is the playground where an engineer is able to develop their capacity to implement their technical knowledge and turn thoughts into reality in terms of software and hardware that will benefit the world. Any of the top engineering colleges in Dehradun will provide this safe platform for their students to hone their skills and mold them into future innovators.
However, this choice of the best engineering college in Uttarakhand is a minefield due to the number of colleges posing as the top engineering college in Uttarakhand. Your choice of college now will reflect in your lifestyle later on and so this choice of the top engineering college in Dehradun becomes a deciding factor. Here are a few pointers to help you identify some of the best engineering colleges in Uttrakhand for your future.


The top engineering College in Dehradun will have highly qualified faculty with a good mix of Ph.D. holders and professors. They would also have a wide experience of teaching and be aware of the recent updates in the technology field as well as employ the latest education systems to guide their students accordingly.


The infrastructure of the college will show their commitment towards their subject as will the equipped gadgets list that the students have access to learn the tricks of their trade. A good canteen facility is also part of it as much as a well-stocked library and laboratory premises.


The best engineering college in Uttarakhand will have a high percentage rate of placements in various companies and not just in one or two companies. They must have a campus drive facility to help their students find these jobs easily. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is awarded as the best placement college in Uttarakhand by MHRD.


A robust course curriculum will make a good engineer only when it is combined with proper extracurricular activities that help develop the overall personality of the students. These extracurricular activities must include annual functions, various sports activities, drama, singing and debate competitions along with a concrete engineering curriculum. A healthy mind can only be developed when it has avenues to relax as well. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions organizes many cultural and technical Fest like PINAK and NAVDHARA respectively.


Though many times ignored, the surrounding environment has a huge impact on the way you learn. Look for the clean and good surroundings of the college. The college should be located in an area that is silent as well as safe for the students.

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