An accident involving an 18-wheeler or another type of big rig can be very complicated because there are many layers of people involved. There is the driver himself, the company that employs him, their insurance company, the parts manufacturer for the truck and several others. If you were involved in an accident with a professional trucker, you probably already know that it can be a difficult type of case to determine liability. That is why you need a Colorado truck accident lawyer who specializes in these types of cases and is experienced enough to go up against large corporations to see that justice is served.

There can also be multiple reasons for an accident with a truck driver, ranging from a driver who has driven too many consecutive hours to a load that is overweight. When you contact a Colorado truck accident lawyer, he or she will first ask to see the records kept by the trucking company to determine if policy was followed correctly. If it was, the case may indicate negligence on the part of the driver. Your lawyer may also discover that the driver was forced to disregard safety in the name of profit. Regardless of the cause, the effect is that you are left with serious injuries that deserve compensation.

Once your lawyer has determined who is responsible for causing your injuries, he or she will have a lawsuit drafted and served on them. If the lawsuit is served on the trucking company or their insurer, it is likely they will have already obtained aggressive legal representation. Your Colorado truck accident lawyer is there to serve you, the person who is suffering as the result of their negligence. You can expect your representation to be just as aggressive, thorough and professional as the other party's.

If the lawsuit is ruled in your favor, you will be compensated for your past and present lost wages and medical expenses and well as an award for future losses. You may also receive a separate piece of compensation to acknowledge the pain and suffering the truck accident has caused you.

Colorado Truck Accident Lawyer

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