The Council Twelve
Channeled by:

Looking Closer

We are here and we bring you much LIGHT and energy.

We speak as the twelve and we state that we are also in unison with The ONE as we are in conjunction with the total.

We thank you the many readers for all the assistance you are giving to your planet of residence.

The channel calls this planet 'EarthBase', as it is his place of operation at this time.

As he will be going beyond this dimension, he will still be working with the 3D until its ascension.

Now we speak on this topic that is being called the Ascension.

There is much information on this subject, and we will add some new ideas.

The purpose now of your planet it to rise up in vibration and with that will go many of you beyond the 3D thinking.

The place from which you start is the matrix of opposites, or the 3D.

In the 3D you find yourself in a consciousness of good and the so called 'evil'.

This premise is totally false, however the appearance is that of LIGHT and dark.

Remember, it is an appearance, and not your truth.

From the time of the so called 'fall of mankind', this appearance has been presented to the population.

This turn of events was made as the LightBeings chose to go their own way and leave the ONENESS that they had experienced.

This choice was made as an expression of ONENESS.

To express oneself still BEing of the true SElf.

It still was within the purpose of expression of the GodSelf.

Challenging to believe, but that is the WAY of Divine Expression, to explore all avenues that are possible.

NOW, you are choosing, in Divine Expression, you are now choosing to RETURN to complete LIGHT.

The exploring of the appearance of 'outside the ONE' is coming to its end.

That is where ascension or upliftment, as it is being called, is coming into the picture.

You never left ONEness, just in the expression of the 'human mind' did you THINK you had left.

Some have called this the Adam Dream.

AWAKE NOW, see that the illusion of feeling separate is over.

We now leave you to think on this.

Blessings of LIGHT ENERGY be with you on your journey.

A note from the channel: I sense I cannot copyright these messages. The words and energy are of the LIGHT and therefore I ask that as you pass along any of this information, please include the complete and total message with a link to:

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Rodgers (C.N.KOR RODGERS) is a healing channel with over 30 years experience as a sensitive and healing practitioner.

A Reiki Master since 1990 in direct lineage to originator Dr. Usui (for masters removed).

Creator of the K-O-R Technique(tm) of Usui Reiki using his awareness as a walk-in and starseed.

Channel for the Council Twelve.