It seems the start of the year 2020 was very dramatic and has shaken the entire world. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has turned upside down. Infectious diseases outbreak like COVID-19 can be very scary and have lasting effects on our health and well-being If we look around ourselves we can sense that the world is currently going through a difficult time. In such a stressful situation where people are getting worried about their jobs, their mental health and several of other things, the leadership team of the country has addressed a lockdown. As per the WHO (the health governing body), has announced that it is a need of an hour, to stay home and follow ‘social distancing’. What I understand from this term to put up in simple words is the idea to maintain a distance between you and other people in this case, at least six feet. This also means minimizing contact with people. All measures that provide few opportunities for the virus to spread must be continued, which not only limits any individual's infection hazard, but also protect the entire community. As well all know, humans are social animals, maintaining social distance and following rule of isolation is indeed difficult.
Now if you ask me what my take on this is, then I would surely say that yes it is extremely difficult and is increasing anxiety and frustration. In such a situation it is important for us to incorporate different rhythm of life, a chance to be in touch with others in different ways than usual. I am sure many of us might have questions on the lines of exactly what can we do in this period of lockdown? We cannot go out, meet our friends, neither can we hangout with them, go for a movie etc, and then what exactly can we do at home. During the initial days I had the same concern and was trying to find out an answer to my question. It was only then I started reading and talking to my family members that I soon realized that in our daily routine and busy schedule we miss on appreciating the small moments and people we have in our lives. That is when I started looking at this Lockdown in a totally different way. I would suggest there are so many things that we can do even when we are at home, ranging from talking to our friends (maybe over a phone call or a video conference), playing games (online or with family members), interacting with family members, learning something new (there are several websites which are giving free learning materials), watching a movie or a series that you wanted to watch but dint get enough time, eating favorite dish (probably you can cook for yourself), taking enough sleep and following some personal care routine etc. And trust me these things surely boosts your mood to a greater extent. I have been trying to most of this and that’s when I realized that I am falling short of time, since there are so many pending things that I can complete in this lockdown period.
Thus to conclude I would like to say that this is our battle towards a very serious and life threatening novel COVID-19. As a responsible citizen of the country it is our responsibility and duty to act wisely and follow the rules prescribed by the government. We as youth can spread awareness about the importance of social distancing and self isolation (quarantine). Lastly I would like to raise a question to whoever is reading this, I am doing my piece of duty, are you?

Mr. John Mathew
PGDM, 1st Year Student
DR V N Bedekar Institute of Management Studies, Thane.

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