Title: Long Walk to Freedom, Long Walk (March) to Peace
Shared by: Craig Lock
Key words: Peace, pursuit of peace, inspiration, 'words of inspiration', empowerment

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Dedicated to the striving for and recognition of peace (and pursuit of peace) ... or at least a better and more peaceful world.

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Here are some extracts from the manuscript craig is currently "writing"...


Submitter's Note: These are some notes (some from authors unknown) that I've jotted down over the years, that I'll share with you. Enjoy...

The principles you live by create the world you live in.

A Creed (to live by):

* Treat ALL people with respect

* Be responsible and accountable (for our actions)

* Do your best * Never give up

* Don't take life too seriously

* Be aware : Every problem has a spiritual solution.

“One writes to teach, to move or to delight.”
- Rodolphus Agricola

In addition to that shared goal (of Mr Agricola), in my various writings, my aim is to to impel some kind of ACTION in readers. I try to show the extra-ordinary in 'ordinary' (what's that?) lives, as revealed by the strength of character, the depths of resilience and courage... and especially the immense generosity of spirit of so many ordinary people, as they struggle with what is called the journey of life. I want to write true stories *, inspiring a thread (or threads) of hope and especially the power of LOVE (no 'Mills and Boon type stories, now please, craig). Stories of renewal and transformation, a new heart... "From Seeds Of Hope (planting) to Endless Possibilities, Far and New Horizons".

Also themes of justice, hope, peace and especially love.

"Our goal in life is to create the perfect conditions for the full flowering of our essential self?? " Knowing that you have made a difference will keep you strong. Each one of us can choose to do the highest good for the greatest number of people. Sow plentiful seeds to break down barriers...one mind, one heart, one soul, one life at a time. Know where you WANT to be. Many small (yet significant) steps by many 'ordinary' (what's that?) will eventual reach their destination. Let Your spirit shine through these words Embrace the light.

"To all who believe in love, let your light shine" - anon

"Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us." - Hebrews 12.1

" I press towards the goal of the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." - Phillipians 3:14

* *


The Road (Way) to Peace:

Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth and hatred with love.

When we can talk together, we will realise that our likenesses are so much greater than our differences; however great our differences may seem.

Peace begins WITHIN

"Peace doesn't mean the absence of conflict, but involves reaching across our differences to find a way to resolve conflict. And there are so many ways to do that now - whether you're talking about conflict with your neighbours, within families, or internationally."

- the words of Alyn Ware, New Zealand peace campaigner

Jesus related to all societies and people - the common fabric of humanity. He was "a voice for the voiceless". The life-changing power of Jesus.

He had a passion for peace, mutual tolerance interaction between different faiths and respect for all.

God needs human beings in partnership to help peace become a reality for others. We are then choosing hope over fear, unity over division.

"One's inseparable relationship with God leads to true security, health, joy... and especially peace of mind."

"Those whom you want to change, you must first love." - Dr Martin Luther King, Jnr



This must not simply be a 'feel-good' concept; but can be implemented in many practical ways and will only be achieved by a process of social and economic transformation. As in South Africa, only this will eradicate disparities between groups and ensure an on-going process, the long journey of reconciliation between diverse cultures and peoples.

"The only solution will come about when all religious adherants of all flavours awake to an expanded explanation (or rather "experience") of the reality in which we all exist."

- RT Clarke

'Little' New Zealand (and the world) could and should be bolder in promoting peace, human rights and social justice??

"Though small and geographically isolated, New Zealand is one of the first countries to see the light of the new day... and perhaps this light helps (and has helped) NZ to lead and inspire the world on many diverse issues." Together, lets march towards a brighter future.

Christ chose US, the 'little ordinary people' to go out and change the world... for the better. He doesn't have a Plan B. It's up to us to implement His plan A, being the ears, eyes and hands of Christ to help heal a hurting world... today.

As ambassadors for Christ, we are instruments of peace.

"As the Father sent me, I also sent you." - John 20:27

Let Your spirit shine through these words. Embrace the light.

"Lord, make me a channel for your peace, a window for your light to shine through to everyone I meet."

Shared by craig (“writing for a slightly more peaceful world”)

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." (Matthew 5:9)

"Peace-makers who sow in peace will reap a harvest of righteousness." - James 3:18

"My life is my message."

- Gandhi (who took the message of Christ to the Indian people his strategy: non-violent resistance)

"To create inner peace within individual human beings is to create outer peace of this world."

"Peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart."
- author unknown

"Together, one mind, one soul, one life at a time, let's march together to a better and brighter future

May you all see God's bright (brilliant) light on the road up ahead

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Craig has a 'passion' for writing books that tell stories about people doing positive things in this often so hard, sometimes unkind world, occasionally so cruel, yet always amazing world He loves 'telling tales', sharing true stories that leave the reader feeling uplifted, empowered and perhaps hopefully even inspired. Craig is currently "working on" and writing a true story To The End of the Rainbow: Long Walk (Road)to Peace'

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