Educational insurance plan is like an investment that you as a parent would do for the future of your child. Given the rising prices of education, educational insurance plan have become a necessity for parents today.

Educational insurance policy means that you will save money that will be given to you when your child is ready to enter college. There are different time of coverages you can opt for depending on how much premium you can afford. This is like a ‘plan-B’ when things don’t pan out the way you thought they would.

The circumstances that covid-19 has created makes it ascertain that having back up plans is very important.

If you are still not sure that educational insurance is a path that you should take. Then maybe these long-term benefits will help you understand why you should.

1.     Lessen the burden on your savings

Most parents who don’t invest in a plan end up saving a major chunk of their savings on their child’s education. This exhaust their savings and they’re forced to work a few more years to get financially stable. If parents invest in an educational policy it would mature at the right time and the parents won’t have to hesitate about making the decision to send their child to the best school.

2.     Secured future even when you’re not there  

Even if you or your spouse get impaired in an accident or die. Your child would be secured enough to get the education he/she deserves. It is only education that can help them become independent. If you have that part covered then your child’s life is 70% secured.

3.     The earlier you plan the bigger the benefits

The educational investment plan is geared towards long term benefits. This means the longer you keep your policy intact the more money you can get. Unlike bank interest schemes which are fixed and could also erode due to inflations. The educational policy will grow over time and will stay intact no matter what the financial situation of the economic world.

4.     In a tough financial situation you can withdraw

You never know when the financial standing of your family can change. This policy will help you through a tough time s. You will be able to withdraw the policy altogether or get some money against this policy.

5.     You will be at peace

According to psychological reports, it is not the sickness that causes the darning of health. It is rather the worry and stress that parents have of what will happen to their children when they’re not there anymore. With this insurance plan in place the parents can let go of their stress and tackle one thing at a time.  

6.     Both you and your child can avoid loans

Often students whose parents can’t afford higher education lean on to getting loans. The loan allows them to get the education they desire but they leave a long term affect. Many students at least spend 5-7 year paying off student loans. It is only after that is cleared that they will be able to live in a good life and get something good for themselves. An educational insurance policy is the best thing you can gift your child.

7.     Lieu in taxation

Many countries have laws which allow the maturity amount to be exempted from taxation. Unlike insurance plans you won’t get this relaxation if you invest in fixed deposits or equity shares.

  Hopefully knowing these benefits you will now be able to confidently opt for the right educational insurance policy for your child.

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