Dolphins are the friendly mammals in the world are really worth watching. When you are off to a Long Beach Whale Watching tour, you will find different species of dolphins too. The view is really mesmerizing as you will see different dolphins floating here and there. The beach is full of various dolphin species. A few of them are highlighted below. Learn about them and don’t forget to capture them in your camera.

Bottlenose Dolphins

These are the longest dolphin species 14 feet and weight of 400 to 600 pounds. They can about 3 to 25 tons of fish, squids, and octopus. They have a large lifespan of about 30 to 50 years. The exclusive thing related to these creatures is that these move with the echolocation phenomenon. These detect the sounds off objects to locate the object and hunt their prey.

Common dolphin

The long 5 to 8 feet with the weight of 16-ton common dolphins are widely present in the long beach. It moves fastly and is known as the fastest moving dolphin species. The intelligent creatures of the world can travel with a speed of 27 mph. These live and float in pods. The energetic species of the world move by whistling, clicking and pulsing. They love to ride the bow waves around the ship and boats.

Risso Dolphin

Visitors to the long beach will see another dolphin species named as Risso Dolphin. The grey dolphins have thick bodies. These are heavy whales with a weight if about 660 to 1100 pounds. Moreover, their length ranges from 8.5 ft to 13 ft. These also move in pods. The feature of the Risso is that it can dive for 3 minutes down over to 1000 ft below. Mainly they have small dives of 1 to 2 minutes. These creatures hunt their prey at night.

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin

It is the largest dolphin that weighs up to 44 pounds. While the female one has a weight of 330 lbs. these dolphins have few distinct features. These have dark grey rings with different colors on their body. God has created this species with unique colors like chin, bellies and throat has white color, while flippers, mouth, and back is dark grey. Moreover, from eyes to dorsal fin there are present light grey streaks. It is a beautiful creature that you will find in the Pacific world. If you see these might mammals swimming around you make a video and show your friends how beautiful this creature is. The live view of dolphin swimming is fabulous. You will love and will not feel good while leaving the site.

These are beautiful species of dolphins that you will meet at long beach. If you want to see them live book your ticket now and have fun watching these creatures floating around water on a cool sunny day. Take your friends and family and make your vacations super cool and memorable.

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