As a buzzing urban metropolis London doesn't instantly scream 'Eco-Friendly' at you, but its green credentials are a lot more impressive than you would first think. With networks of sustainable businesses, a rapidly expanding range of emission free travel alternatives and green designed architecture, London is undeniably an Eco-pioneer. Here are just a few examples of the inspiring innovation in the city this year:

The Olympic Overhaul

With the Olympics fast approaching, London recognises that this is the perfect time for a green revolution. Visitors heading to the capital in 2012 to stay in hostels london centred will find that an eco-makeover has taken place. The mayor, Boris Johnson, has taken environmental issues to heart pledging hundreds of projects across the city, such as exciting plans for a fleet of electric cars to transport visitors to the games. Many projects such as Re:leaf London are going to transform the quality of living in the capital, with 're:leaf' plating 10,000 new trees. Famous tourist attractions have already taken up the eco-baton with the London Eye replacing all its fluorescent lighting tubes with 69 percent more energy efficient LED lights. The Olympics is a historical event, and London hopes that its example of sustainable refurbishments will make environmental history with other countries taking stock of their own energy usage.


The Savoy is recognised as one of London's most prestigious five star hotels. Associated with high-end glamour and sophistication, you may be surprised to see it mentioned in an article about environmental issues. In 2010 however, the hotel underwent a £220 million refit to reduce the overall energy consumption of the hotel by 40 percent. Many environmentally aware travellers would still opt to stay in one of the many hostels london has to offer as a basic fuss free alternative to extravagant unessential’s, however the Savoy is still a refreshing example of high-end glamour teamed with green issues. Around 90 percent of all the Savoy's waste is now recycled and more importantly an Environmental consciousness has been awakened in all its staff and guests.

Boris Bikes

Measures have been implemented to lower the city's emissions, with inner city zoning preventing traffic from entering the centre of London; however a really important difference to London arrived in the form of a Bike. Many tourists staying in hostels london and commuters alike now hop on Boris bikes stationed all across the city to do short commutes across town, or to merely explore the city sights in a healthy emission free way. Good for the environment and an excellent form of exercise for all city commuters, this is a win win for London and its people.

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