Congress is all set for the early West Bengal Lok Sabha election 2019 Opinion Poll. They are asking the party members to get ready for the elections for 2019 that are advanced to this.

Gulam NIt’s been a while since the news of Lok Sabha elections taking place earlier in the assembly elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh is revolving in the political circle.

At the Azad, an opposition leader, in the Rajya Sabha told the Congress members that there is around ninety percent chance of the general elections taking place this November. Azad, the AICC general secretary in charge of UP said “You, as members, have served the party for so many years and now we need you to focus all your energy on realizing our dream of winning the next election,”

beginning of the budget session while addressing the joint sitting of the Lok Sabha and The Rajya Sabha, called for the assembly and Lok Sabha polls simultaneously. This is where the news gained buzz.

PM Modi brings out the issue with a call for “One Nation One Election” while he was talking to NDA leaders in the Parliament.

2019 Delhi Lok Sabha Election Dates

The opposition is worried about the early elections. They have a fear that it can help Modi with his plan of presidential-style campaign to defeat the anti-incumbency.

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BJP lost two seats in the [Tamil Nadu] Election 2019 LokSabha and one seat in the assembly to Congress in the by-polls that took place in Rajasthan earlier this week.

The expectations of early elections were explained by Congress MLA Aradhana Mishra, according to her the early elections were because of the budget. She said “The government has focused on farmers in the Budget because it has realized its weak points. It has hiked the minimum purchase price of crops but they cannot give it by October… By the time the next crop is ready, they will announce elections and the model code of conduct would be in place,” She said BJP would not like to wait for the elections after this loss in Rajasthan.