India is a Democratic country, every person has a right to vote for their favorite leader. Ever person above 18 years has this right to vote, given by the Article 326 in our Constitution. The country’s policy of the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people. The Lok Sabha Chunav 2019 Rajasthan are to determine the new Prime Minister of the country as well as to elect the different members of the Lok Sabha.The citizens of our country give their votes to the party they wish to see in power and the candidate from that winning party becomes the Prime Minister of the country. The Indian parliament is bicameral, the lower house in Lok Sabha (also known as the House of People). The adult universal suffrage elects the members of Lok Sabha. The elections happen every 5 years after the five-year term is complete. The other house is the RajyaSabha. Lok Sabha elections 2019 will take place next year in order to determine the next prime minister of the country. Stay tuned for Elections Latest Updates, Lok Sabha election Live News.

2019 Lok Sabha Election Gujarat

552 members are the maximum number of members of the Lok Sabha as defined by the constitution of India. Out of these, the President has the right to elect only two members of the Anglo Indian community, 530members are the representatives of states and the remaining 20 represent the Union Territories. The winner of the elections is the party which manages to get 273 seats by itself or with the help of an ally party. The winning party forms the central government. All the parties have right to announce their prime minister candidate after they win the election or before the election.

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Competing Parties, Dates, Polling Schedule & Other Details and Notifications

The chances of Lok Sabha elections 2019 to take place is in April or May.

Indian General Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Notification (Issue of Public Notice by EC): Expected May 2019 Last date for filing Nomination forms: Not yet Announced
Scrutiny of Nominations: Not yet Announced
Last Date of Withdrawal of Nominations: Not yet Announced
Gujarat Assembly Polls Date: Expected: Not yet Announced
Hours of Poll: Not yet Available
Lok Sabha Assembly Re-Polling (if required): Update later
Lok Sabha Assembly Election Results/Counting of Votes: Expected in May 2019
We will fill the dates as they’re announced here in the table.

Topics on Lok Sabha Elections2019 Important Dates on Lok Sabha Elections 2019
Election date for Lol Sabha Elections 2019
Date for the counting of Votes after the Lok Sabha elections 2019
Nominations online date for Lok Sabha elections 2019
Who will be the party to win the Lok Sabha Elections 2019?

Until now the big parties that are taking part in the Lok Sabha elections 2019 are Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP), Aam Aadmi Party(AAP), Indian National Congress(INC), Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP), and Telugu Desam Party(TDP). Considering the current situation of the politics in India Narendra Modi Flood still in the minds of people and the strong BJP governments in many of the states we can say that BJP might win the Lok Sabha elections 2019. We cannot be sure because how other parties work on their strategies and prepare for the elections will play a major role in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

Election 2019 Candidates List will be declared after the counting of the votes. The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 pretty much depends on what parties do at the present time because the politics are vulnerable at the moment. Anyone can win, but the chances of BJP emerging victorious is high. These are out next Lok Sabha Election Prediction.

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