Performance is always considered as a measure of quality. Even if the required functionality is there but the application has some issues with performance then the quality gets at stake and no matter how much effort and resources are being utilized. LoadRunner training can help to identify the bottleneck issues that cause performance to be degraded.

Some Common Performance Issues:

1) A web page loads quickly in one situation and goes into a wait state in the other situation

2) The user gets proper information about errors like server unavailable

3) How the application behaves under the allowed load

4) How the application behaves when the load reaches breaking point

5) How soon the application bounces back and start its normal regime from a catastrophic failure

LoadRunner Training is a way to get acquainted with the efficient way to get expertise in Performance testing.

All these issues are of great importance as they only appear when the application goes live. So there must be some way that these things are taken care of beforehand .One such way is to carry out performance testing .LoadRunner Training can be carried out online or off-site.

LoadRunner Training provides you with a chance to get hands on practice on the tools and get aware of its advantage.

Load Runner is one of the Industry standard tools that caters the lack of performance issues and help one to get assured of the performance. LoadRunner Training can help in getting knowledge about how different aspects of performance needed to be tested.

Load Runner helps to analyze various aspects of the performance as the number of hits per second supported by simulating multiple simultaneous users at a single time. The most important feature of any tool is that how the results gets interpreted. The graphs can be customized according to the need. These graphs provide a clear indicator how the system is responding as the load gets increased suddenly or simultaneously. Load Runner Training is full-fledged professional training that lets you get aware of indicators of quality that can be achieved by performance testing.

Different scenarios can be created using a scenario generator these scenarios can simulate the real world situation of exercising different loads at same or different time. LoadRunner Training can be beneficial as it lays a roadmap for measuring performance.

Performance testing helps to identify bottleneck issues that hinder the overall execution process. The effect of these can be analyzed which can provide an insight into existing and possible issues that arises in specific situations. With the help of the LoadRunner Training these issues can be handled efficiently.

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