The joint and its surrounding and connective tissues may get worn out or damaged as we age or if they are abused with repetitive motion. This is what happening to people with arthritis. it is the inflammation of joint and its surrounding and connective tissues. Swelling, stiffness and pain around the affected area are the common symptoms. The knees, hips and the fingers are commonly affected. Living with painful arthritis can be disabling, it is one of the causes of disabilities in people with this joint disease. People with severe arthritis often worry about their mobility or functionality in their everyday lives. This joint disorder inhibits a person's physical functionality.

Some people believe that arthritis is something that will eventually happen to most of us and there is nothing we can do about it. Living with painful arthritis can be really hard but there are ways to manage arthritis. It is a treatable and manageable condition. There are people who have arthritis and yet they can still get the best out of their condition and can still enjoy their lives. The following tips can be very helpful to make it more bearable living with painful arthritis.

Seek professional help. Early medical intervention is essential if you are dealing with degenerative disease like arthritis. Living with painful arthritis can be more bearable with the help of your doctor. Medical treatments like medications and therapies can help ease the pain, stiffness and inflammation of joints and can be very helpful to slow down the progression of arthritis or prevent further joint damage. X-rays and blood tests maybe required to properly diagnose your condition and to know what type of arthritis you have. Follow your doctor's advice in taking medicines and take them exactly as advised by your doctor. For severe condition, surgery maybe recommended to relieve the pain and restore the functionality of the affected joint. See your doctor regularly for your condition to be monitored properly. Arthritis if left untreated may get worse and may also lead to joint deformities.

Stay physically active. Although it is hard to move around with swollen joints, total inactivity may worsen your condition. Engaging in light or moderate physical activities can help relieve joint pain and can improve joint functionality. Ask your doctor or therapist about the best exercises for your condition. If there are community-based physical activity programs for people with arthritis in your area, it is best to participate to improve your condition and to meet other people with the same problem. Living with painful arthritis can be easier if you know you are not alone.

Lose excess weight. Obesity is associated with arthritis as too much weight can add pressure or tension on the joints. Reducing your weight can reduce the pressure on your joints especially on the knees which are the common target of osteoarthritis or "wear and tear"

arthritis. Losing your excess weight lowers your risk of developing osteoarthritis and limits the progression of arthritis. A significant reduction of weight can be a great relief on your joints. Weight loss program coupled with dietary restriction can be very effective in losing excess pounds. Do not starve yourself or engage in physical activities beyond your physical capabilities because it is not only bad for your arthritis but it will also put your health at risk. Seek professional help if you find it hard to reduce weight on your own. Losing weight can be hard but living with painful arthritis without losing your excess weight can make your condition worse.

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