As your child grows, you want them to be safe, but it is also important that they do not feel different or miss out on activities, you'll have to weigh the pro and cons of every situation or occasion, for example, you let your child have a good time at a party or in a day trip, but run the risk of reaction? Can you say "no"?

Your decision may depend on how well you can predict the severity of reaction or how easily you can precautions.Your child has allergies causing problems for you with every decision.Most severe allergic reactions take place in the house, so to keep your child's medications should be very addictive, remain vigilant, whatever activity or situation, especially with young children.

Eating out

Restaurants can cater for most food allergies, but eating can be difficult if your child has a lot of allergies.

Carefully choose the restaurant, such as non-Eastern or Indian food, if your child is allergic to peanuts, even tea can be a problem, cakes and biscuits can be eggs, wheat, dairy and / or nut.Not canteens and self-service counters can be no one to ask about the ingredients, go quieter off-peak times and choose a basic food products such as jacket potatoes

Always ask to speak with the manager or chef when you arrive and tell them about your child's allergies, the food can be stored separately, to warn them about the cross-contamination of utensils, spillages, and so on.

Infants and very young children, most restaurants are happy for you to take your snacks with you Ask about anything you order, trust your instincts, if flour does not seem right, send it back for a chef to check that it is clear how dangerous errors can be.

With nut allergies, it might be better if everyone at your table, as well as nuts, in order to avoid problems with any spill.Get your child can not eat certain foods when they are away from home, for example. ice

If you have small children, you may want to take your booster seat, restaurants highchairs are generally not completely clean

If you find one restaurant is useful to have become a regular there, ask for the same staff and the same food.


All children love birthday, but food allergies, latex allergies, eczema, or even dust allergies can affect their enjoyment.When you reply to the call to mention that your child has allergies, some countries may cause more problems than others, for example. Arts and Crafts parties for kids with allergies glue or paint.Children with food allergies can feel left out if they can not eat the same food as their peers, ask what kind of food they will be using as you may find that your child will eat when it does, if not, bring your own alternatives such. no nut chocolate spread sandwiches, ice cream without dairy or wheat free cakes.

When you arrive in the country remind parents about their child's allergies and food allergies, make sure to offer food, remember that food products intended parents may not be suitable for your child.Teach your child to ask about ingredients before they eat party food and eat only packaged items they ate before.Always make sure your child has a supply of medicines with them and that they, or a responsible adult knows how to use them.

If your child has an allergy to dust, to remind them that they are sitting on the floor

If you are worried about the country to stay, but keep away or rinse your child took another trusted adult


Sleeping over a friend, is a big step towards independence, but also a big worry for parents, at a time when your child is old enough to go to a sleepover, they should be willing to take some responsibility for managing their allergies. Make the first sleepover in your home or my good friend at home is not far away, keep sleepovers small at first, only two or three children.If your child is allergic to house dust mites, they wont be able to sleep on the floor, the bed should be clean and free of dust, so keep a spare Anti-Allergy Bedding Set includes sleepovers.

Provide clear instructions for other parents about the child's allergies and triggers, but do not worry unnecessarily about their responsibilities.Discuss your child1 `s evening routine with the other parents, for example, your child may need to take your allergy or apply emollients bedtime.Make sure your child knows what to do if they have an allergic reaction.

Let your child know that you are just a call and make sure that you can be contacted easily that night, no need to keep checking though, to have to call again in the evening to check all is well in the middle

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