Relax, take a deep breath and think. What’s stopping YOU from being happy? What’s stopping you from being happy ALL THE TIME? Grab a pen and paper and list your obstacles to happiness. Answer the question from your soul. Because you are the only person that knows the answers and you are the only person able to create the solutions that will guarantee happiness flows to you easily and effortlessly.

Living Unconsciously vs. Living Consciously

First of all, there are two ways to live…Unconsciously or Consciously.

Admittedly, the majority of my life was spent in an unconscious state. When you live in an unconscious state you are dependent on a variety of events or circumstances including other people to “make” you happy. The stock market, your political preferences, a below-average golf game, an inconsiderate driver, the weather, your health, a rude cashier, a forgetful spouse, an anorexic bank account are a few examples of things that, according to you, determine what type of day you’re having. I’ve labeled countless days “bad” or “good” depending on what’s happened to me. Sound familiar? 

If the circumstances didn’t match my expectations then my day was shot to hell. Every time! Emotions like aggravation, irritation, impatience, anger, sadness, moodiness, to name a few, ruled my life. I was the queen of discontent! Sound familiar? 

When I began living consciously, my life changed dramatically. But what does “living consciously” mean and more importantly how do we accomplish and master living consciously 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Is being happy in our every waking moment even possible? I say YES it IS possible! And I’m living proof.

Living consciously means behaving and thinking differently than you have in the past. Living consciously is the one of the most important elements to maintaining and sustaining happiness!

Example: You’re driving on the freeway and someone hastily and without warning cuts in your lane which causes you to swerve to avoid an accident. Most people would react to this situation in an unconscious manner. How would you react in this same situation? Your answer determines whether or not you respond consciously or not. Would you offer them the middle-finger salute and let the expletives fly? If that response sounds familiar or similar to how you would respond then you are reacting unconsciously. And if you are reacting unconsciously then that means the majority of the time you react the same way anytime you’re “disrespected” in traffic.
Does the way you react now to “disrespectful” drivers create more happiness or less happiness in your life? The answer is LESS.

Whenever you express anger, impatience, intolerance or any other related emotion, you’re actually subtracting from your happiness. Furthermore, you continue to subtract from your happiness as long as you choose to nurture those toxic emotions.

What are some different reactions you could choose in that same situation? I’m so glad you asked…

Let’s use the same example of a driver cutting us off in traffic but this time let’s imagine an empathetic reason why someone would drive this way. In other words, under what circumstances would you forgive and excuse a driver for cutting you off? Are you able to come up with a plausible reason? If so, you are beginning to think differently. If you’re stuck, let me be of some assistance.

What if the driver just received a phone call saying that their child, mother, husband, wife, best-friend or grandparent was just admitted to the emergency room in a hospital 55 miles away? Can you imagine how you would drive with the same news? Your focus would be to get to your loved one as quickly as possible. Yes or yes?

Would you have reacted to them differently if you KNEW their circumstances? Of course you would have! So the next time someone “disrespects” you in traffic, (1) Don’t take it their behavior personally, (2) Change your response and (3) Notice how happier you feel!

To be clear, I’m not condoning reckless drivers. What I am saying is if your priority is your happiness, then you have an obligation and responsibility to you to consciously choose your emotions by reacting in a way that doesn’t subtract from your happiness. Get it?

Practice, Practice, Practice

I find that when I'm traveling I’m more or less forced to remain conscious. My environment has changed and I can’t rely on my “routine” behavior. Have fun and practice changing your everyday routine by changing the route you usually take to work, or shop at a different market, or change your everyday greeting. Instead of “have a good day” or “have a good weekend”…come up with different ways to express the same sentiment. This will encourage conscious thoughts.

Just like mastering any new skill, living consciously is mastered over a period of time. Remain patient with the process. As you begin to change the way you observe and react to your circumstances your life will change and you will be HAPPIER…GUARANTEED!

Author's Bio: 

Rebecca considers herself to be a lifetime student of the Universe and ITS laws. She is a Spiritual Warrior and modern day Mystic. Rebecca has decades of education and extensive training focusing on topics from spirituality to human potential. Rebecca and her articles have been featured on several websites dedicated to inspiring and encouraging others to live their best lives!
Rebecca received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, California. In addition, she teaches in the fitness field and holds multiple AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) certifications specializing in aerobics, personal training, senior fitness, aqua fitness and weight training. She says spirituality and exercise go hand-in-hand as both are instruments for change, challenges and growth.
Rebecca is also an Entertainer and currently hosts “Reality Spirituality” a fun upbeat weekly online radio show focusing on making conscious choices that promote and sustain happiness…regardless of the circumstances! “Reality Spirituality” is heard every Sunday, Monday & Friday at 7:00 PM(PST) on