We live in a complex world where we are no longer informed by the sacred stories that guided the generations that came before the post-modern age in which we live. Signs of the times included mass exodus from the churches for more esoteric spirituality, commercials, Fox News; and Hollywood heroes have since replaced the genuine experience of family and community.

This summer I was fortunate to spend time on an island in the Pacific North West where a community is finding new roots in creating value and meaning by creating new sacred stories for their village. By 6 p.m. most stores close; the people are not motivated by the tourist season and are out the door to enjoy the remaining hours of sunlight on bike or foot, and enjoy concerts in the park. One local businessman said this is more a function of sunshine and long days before the long cycle of short days and long clouds. In part this is true, but there is an underbelly of something more sustaining brewing in the hearts of the people who choose to live here. They are finding cultural consensus in creating new forms that fulfill both the modern-age lifestyle and a return to social values; individuality is allowed within a common bond of community.

At a recent lecture I attended, the author mentioned that in her town, the place to buy food had a first and last name: the Star Store. Non-locals could be easily identified when asking for directions to the grocery store. From the free concerts to daily farmers markets, the southern part of Whidbey Island is creating a unique story with values and a deep mission to hold a strong vision of possibility.

Like this town, the most successful people intimately understand their uniqueness and motivation. They are clear on what gives their life meaning; like the shopkeepers who tend to their families and hobbies, who post closed signs in the doors and can be seen at the beach when the temperature reaches 80 degrees. In many waterfront cities around the country, the stores feed from the summer frenzy. Here, the local hotelier at the Boatyard Inn may wish for a downtown retail association that foresees the value of extending summer hours to accommodate the tourist, but still enjoys the island pace on her five-day work week in August. It took three weeks to find a masseuse who was not off camping to give a client a massage on a Sunday night. The tourist trap where I live has a different value on service workers where certain occupations are expected to work as needed.

People are informed here; most that I meet are intelligent, leaders, and cultural creative's who are forging the path through the untamed forest for positive cultural change. Often this requires travel from this haven to spread their message worldwide. As sages they come back for the inward reflection that this life without commercialization offers for their spiritual evolution.

You are reading this because you want to make a difference in the world. Your life’s work is to offer a product or service that furthers sustainability, belonging, enjoyment, or mastery. Without focus and clarity in your life, you continue to waste time and energy. Furthermore, you cannot reach the people who could use your services the most as they cannot see you behind your fuzzy brand.

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Renee Baribeau, social media expert and networking guru, is a private lifestyle coach for successful entrepreneurs. Her down-to-earth style, coupled with her ability to see right to the heart of the matter, acts a lightning rod for your life and business. This fall she will be leading a trip to Peru from September 27 to October 5, presenting “After Yoga, the Dishes" at Bhakti Fest on September 9, and discussing "Finding Your True North" (the subject of her upcoming book) at the Desert Cities Woman’s show on November 18th. Sign up at her website to receive her monthly updates.