Some people think that only the Neanderthals lived in caves but in reality some of the smartest people now live in caves. Even though cave living has existed for millennia it is once again becoming popular. In centuries past people have been known to live in natural caves with evidence of this type of habitation found in Turkey, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Italy, and France. Here in southern Spain the modern caves are manmade. The largest cave dwelling population in Europe exist in the Granada Province; it is believed to have started when the Arabs invaded Iberia in the eighth century. Just think when you book your holiday villas Andalucia in the Granada Province it could be in a cave: what an experience!

The cave houses have proved to be economically successful as they do not need air-conditioning or heating, they are able to maintain a constant temperature year around without any of this equipment. These houses are carved out of hard clay and soil but it is advisable to build one where they already exist due to the evidence of ground compaction. Where ever you chose have a structural engineer check the structural integrity of the earth where you are planning on building, we wouldn´t want the ceilings falling in on you. Whether you buy or build you have got to know that you are now in possession of one of the world’s most efficient and sustainable living dwellings around. In addition to underground dwellings there are also cave theatres, cave hotels, cave restaurants and cave spas or just about any structure you could think of.

If you are interested in building a cave house check out the price as you will find it considerable cheaper than normal construction. A cave house has all the amenities of a normal house plus a lot more such as they are able to maintain a year around temperature of 19 to 20 degrees Celsius. One of the main misconceptions is that a cave house has a high degree of humidity but they don´t with normal ventilation unlike the stone caves that can accumulate a lot of dampness.

If you are now interested in living in a cave house the best thing to do is book a holiday villas Andalucia in the Granada Province. Even if you are claustrophobia you will find living in a cave is quite comfortable especially with all the amenities on offer. The silence of cave living will astound you, no outside traffic not even a whisper when the wind is howling and you are setting inside as sung as a bug in a rug. Stop and think of the money you will save on heating and air-conditioning as well as the outside maintenance. You will be doing the world a service by living a greener lifestyle, saving energy and the carbon emissions created by your building materials will be minimal. If the world comes to an end on December 21st 2012 as predicted by Nostradamus you will be far ahead of everyone else in your underground accommodation.

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