Our dream or others' dream, any way we live in a dream. The only difference is the one who chooses the dream.

I always prefer driver's seat instead of being a passenger. When driving, I have the control of movements and the destination. I can also decide to choose a short cut or change the destination. I have control over everything. It is my car, my destination and my dream.

On the other hand, if you are a passenger, you can only watch the view through the window. You go where the driver prefers. You cannot stop the car to take a break or decide to change the route. Everything is out of your control. You have to follow the rules of the driver. This is the driver's car and destination.

Are you only the reflections of others?

You have to make decisions every day. There are ordinary decisions, like having a tea or coffee. Other decisions can be more important like choosing your spouse or career. You can let others to choose for you, what to drink but you cannot let them choose your career or spouse.

Everyone have dreams for others they are connected. Your parents, teachers, friends, your boss and even your enemies-you are lucky if you know who they are- have dreams for you. They all want to see you somewhere they prefer.

People reflect their dreams to others. It is not always a bad thing if it is only advice. You can need guidance sometimes. When these advices become decisions, you will also become the reflections of others. They decide the destination for you and you will start to swim with the stream. Generally, others' dream does not fit you and you do not feel comfortable.

One day, when you achieve their dreams, you will not feel as satisfied or happy, as you should be. What happens then? They can help you to standup when you fall but they cannot take away the pain of falling. You are alone to heal yourself. You have to take yourself out of disappointment and unhappiness of the dreams of other people.

Are you living in a dream or reality?

Are you living in a real world without dreams? Reality is limited with the perception of the environment. Do you think that your brain treat every information the same way? The ratio of the information treated, can be different between people but never 100% reality. Brain also has limited energy and it makes predictions to decrease the use of energy to process information.

Do you still think that you know the whole reality around you?

If we are not living the 100% reality, why should not we live our dreams?

Decide to live in your dream before you start to live in others.

• You should know what you want
• You should decide who you would become
• You should have a dream about your future

Sometimes, living in your dream or dreaming about the future may seem harder than it is. You will always feel others reflections and you can have bias to accept them instead of your dreams.

You should start to dream for yourself immediately. Do not panic, there is always a way.

"Maybe" List

When you cannot connect the pieces in your mind, it is better to categorize them. Categorize the things you are interested in or you are passionate about. Finding out your passion is the best way to achieve your dreams. Passion is the easiest way to follow.

A maybe list will give you an idea about what your dream can be without limiting the possibilities.

• A "maybe" list helps to discover your dreams.
• An "exactly" list determines how to achieve your dreams.

You must keep in mind that you do not have much control on how to achieve your dreams but you have the whole control about the dream itself.
When the "maybe" list is long, colorful and full of your passions, you will see the destination you want more clearly. This will help you notice all the opportunities to achieve your dream without limiting the possibilities.

Make your list and share your ideas with us. Only a word, from your list can inspire and motivate others to discover their passions.

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