There are some key things that you can do that can help a goal of, “Living Healthy with Diabetes”, and so here are three primary ways to minimize the impact that the condition has on your life.

3 Ways of Living Healthy with Diabetes:

1/ Change your Diet

This really is massive. Over 90% of people who have diabetes of any kind (either type 1 or 2) are overweight, and there is every reason to believe that at worst diabetes can be effectively managed quite often with food and that at best it can actually help some people to totally reverse their condition.

Certain items MUST be out of bounds if you suffer from diabetes, and top of the list is refined sugar.

Refined sugar is typically contained in high amounts in candy bars, sugared soda drinks like 7-Up and Coca-Cola, cakes, deserts, the sugars that we self-administer to ourselves in our teas and coffee and all manner of other foods that we may not immediately think of as containing large amounts of sugar, but which actually do when we take a look at the list of ingredients.

Ideally you would cut all of these types of food totally from your diet.

For many people the effect of doing this can be radical.

Not only do they suddenly find that their blood glucose levels drop dramatically, but also that they start to lose weight.

In other words very much a win-win scenario.

Some people may not lose weight (a very small percentage admittedly), because they have not been consuming too many calories, but simply consuming the wrong kinds.

But even for these people they will usually find that the drop in their blood sugar levels are accompanied by feelings of much more even levels of energy, and generally feeling better in general.

The energy that high sugar snack food gives us is like rocket fuel, in that it can be very potent, but it simply doesn’t last very long until the fuel is all burned out, and the car stops dead in its tracks.

Instead what you need are more consistent energy sources like carbohydrates and nuts, which don’t spike your blood sugar levels, but which will still provide you with consistent amounts of energy.

2/ Lose Weight

Usually if you eat better then you will inevitably lose weight as well. But it is possible that even after you change the foods that you eat, that you maintain the weight, perhaps because you continue to eat large portion sizes.

So it is important that you monitor your weight carefully and take steps to reduce your weight to a more reasonable level.

3/ Exercise More Frequently

Exercise is a cure-all for so many conditions it is incredible.

And yet most people lead sedentary lives and do not exercise nearly enough. You need to take steps to make sure that you exercise at least a couple of times a week, focusing primarily on cardio exercises to improve your heart fitness.

Combine those three methods and you too can succeed in Living Healthy with Diabetes!

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Popa Woolsey has been writing about self-improvement-health issues for more than fifty years. He is a teacher, author and personal motivational coach.