The present trends of a busy and unpredictable life have a propensity to slot in waves of ups and downs, tension or stress for you in every footstep. Life in this century can no longer be ascribed as one that you can lead in an effortless manner without paying much heed to the maize of
events that surround you and baffle you. There are moments in your life that try to engulf you in a merciless shackle. In such a condition you must not forget that life is the most beautiful gift that you possess. No one is
fortunate enough to get all the pleasures of life at their command. However, you can choose to make a difference. You can embrace radiant waves of happiness in your life. It is in your hands accept and deal with the uncertainties and challenges by being passionate about life. Life should be judged in terms of how we can be happy and how we can make the best out of anything.

In order to make it happen, you can follow through a few very simple acts. They might be simple but they will yield rich dividends in terms of giving the peaceful state back to your soul. You need to take a cheerful view at life and not a scornful one. There is still a lot that you can enjoy out of your life, which is only a transitory gift. Given that, you must do your best to assiduously perpetuate your faith in life and take a stand that you want to live your life in your own terms, with the primary focus being
inner peace and happiness. You can not choose to waste a single moment and ensure each moment is well spent. Compromise and balance are important aspects that you frequently juggle with, but life should not give us the
impression that it is nothing but a compromise. Rather we should get encouraged to imbibe the glee of life and feel encouraged to take the right course of actions to achieve the happiness we are striving for.

If there is a cause that happens to give pain to your mind and soul, then there has to be a greater cause that gives solace to your life. Try to figure that out. Once you are able to stumble on that cause you will be able to give the proper meaning to your life. That very cause will help you
or rather train you to put a positive spin on every thing that you come in contact with.

There is an adventurous spirit in every one of us. Try to find that spirit and that zeal in your heart. With the help of it, you will be able to come out of the cocoon of negativity that gets your talent and potential under
its ominous veil. Make up your mind that you will celebrate every moment of your life in your own way. Try to reinvent the unknown territories that lie within you. Try to touch the unknown strength that lies within you. Make it a point to improve you.

You have to choose to be simple and unpretentious in every meandering ways of your life. You must not forget who you really are. If you can stay close to your spiritual roots as well as your aesthetic sensibilities, you will
definitely find a hidden spring of solace deep within your very own heart. Occasional outbreaks of challenges and uncertainties might give rise to sudden impulsive unrest or emotional upheaval. However, finding who you really are and looking for your hidden springs of potential will help you
overcome the unrest that thwarts the peace of your mind.

If you allow yourself to feel and think positive and realize that the life you live is a favor to you by Mother Nature you will feel good deep inside your soul. Once you are able to light that candle of contentment and peace
in your heart, try to return the favor by doing something which is possible for you. Even a small act of kindness goes a long way. If you do even a little something for the betterment of others, you will start being close to the divine self that lies hidden somewhere in a deeper sanctum of your sub conscious self.

There is a sprout of positive energy in every one of us. The moment we are able to touch base with that energy level, life instantly gives us the tag of "winner".

Author's Bio: 

The author of this article, Sharmilla S McCarthy, is an equitable entity with a great deal of spiritual embellishments.

A wave of challenging events in life have made her beliefs in spiritualism more strong rooted. A simple and unpretentious personality with ordinary traits, she has scaled ranges of success in her own domain. She claims an enviable package of entrepreneurial, technical and management experience to her credit.

In her life span to date, she had to be subjected to unpredictable situations where she had to exert all the paraphernalia of strong will, self reliance, intelligence as well as spirituality that she possessed as characteristic features of her enigmatic persona. In spite of being hit by a torrent of ill-fated events, she never severed her ties with the fountain of spirituality that incessantly germinates from her soul. She has chosen to live life with a positive mindset, with a "glass half full" perspective and trusted in self healing methods. Her entire life has been as if a comprehensive schooling which mentored her, honed up her capacity of positive thinking and shaped up her insurmountable personal integrity.

In parallel with a full fledged career, she is currently putting together her experience and knowledge in building and shaping up of a virtual spiritual organization known called "Satyabhaktidham". This organization is dedicated to impart insight on spiritual aspects and positive thinking. Her chief objective is to help people overcome life's challenges. She is available for online and email consultations and can be contacted at