Living an Exciting Expectant Life
Your Exceptional Importance in This World

We can choose to live into our joys or under our sorrows. We can decide what is best for us. Our health, our well-being and total life wellness depends on the decisions we make. Our careers are directed by our choices, our words and our actions.

Do you live expecting the best for you and your family? Do you think you are an exceptional person? We think we have time to ‘shape up’ to get ‘started’ to ‘identify’ what we’ll be doing next. Be exceptional now. Procrastinators rarely complete their goals in good time, if ever. Be sure to make choices that impact your life positively now. Reach out to others now. Love more now. Bloom more now.

Be the bloom that stretches beyond the bunch now.
Life moves quickly and does not give us time to think that we’ll make a difference someday.
The beauty that lies in the valley is only revealed once the mountain is climbed. Begin today to climb your life’s mountain in a way that you are expectant and excited. Share with others your journey and project an ignited enthusiasm for what you are experiencing along the way. You can encourage others and inspire them into positive living.

God has given us amazing beauty, unending grace, a pure sacrifice and the power to live into exceptional importance. Pass it on. There is enough to go around and touch the lives of others in magnificent ways. They can know joy and love like never before.
Transform your life into something that matters. Transform your life beginning today. Begin to become a butterfly and find your wings. Be strong in the wind and graceful to others.

Transformation includes a life without vengeful thoughts, without refusal to forgive and without selfishness. In order to be transformed into a dynamic successful person – forgiveness, selflessness and compassion are vital. Choose to wake up each day with a positive attitude and a song in your heart. Think of what you can do today to offer care to someone else. Decide each day to reach out to someone in a way that will help them see your heart. You can do it. Make it a goal everyday to transform who you are into someone you admire in every way. Never give up. If you fail at times, begin again. It’s not in the falling that we fail – it’s in the making the decision not to get back up and continue. Failure is not an option. Transformation is the only option. With God all things are possible.

I watch the tiny corn seeds become full and luscious green leaves and delicious ears of corn. We also, must be cared for, watered and nourished. We grow when we take in what we have seen and learned and apply to our lives. Those lessons are learned everyday as we become a ‘more and better, loving and caring’ individual. We then bear fruit that matters. We grow strong and vibrant. We touch the hearts of others and know that we are valuable to this world. You may never have considered doing and saying some of the important things you are living in years past. You have changed. You have grown. You are blooming more. Be vibrant – be happy – be connected to our great God – be of exceptional importance and live an exciting abundant life of expectancy.

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I am an author/speaker/mentor and coach. My first non-fiction book, Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers) is available. To inspire you, offer you empowerment and a look at the lives' of women who have lived through joy and sorrow. Walk through the garden of life with me and learn to grow, share and bloom more fully every day. Check out my website and sign up for my newsletter. I'd love to hear from you. Be blessed. Bloom more.