When I pulled at my notebook computer from under my bed after a truly needed nap, I knew that my topic for my weekly blog was going to be on intention. Without further ado I went right to dictionary.com and typed in the word “intention”. The definition is as follows;

an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
. the end or object intended; purpose.
. intention, a. purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct..

Why did I choose the topic of intention today? Because intention is absolutely everything, if I want to live a purposeful, meaningful, and focused life. It is essential for me to have a target for all my actions, thoughts, words, and deeds, unless I want to feel like a train that has been derailed. A destination or a goal is essential in order to avoid a haphazard and meaningless life without direction. Do I want to be a boat without a rudder, a ship without a sail, or a kite without a string?
A great exercise for direction, would be to get out a piece of paper and ask your soul a few questions. What is my purpose, in this life, on this planet, at this time? How can I serve humanity with my gifts and talents? What are my innate abilities, that I offer the world, that comes naturally, easily, and effortlessly through me? After answering these questions, try to fulfill those inherent gifts that are God given and spread your natural presence throughout the human race!
Begin to design your life with a motive and watch your life flourish. Set your intentions and have a directed target or focus. It can be a simple but deep objective, such as spreading joy to every person that you come into contact with throughout the day.. Consciously smiling, complimenting, and uplifting every soul that you come into contact with, can be a powerful design for living. What is your purpose? Give your life a deeper meaning, by simply finding and spilling your natural abilities out into the world!

In the comment section below, share your intention and natural gifts. I would love to know what they are!

Author's Bio: 

Susan Foxley is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, and bodyworker for more than eighteen years. She has studied in India and with many masters along her journey. Find out more about Susan and her teachings at www.susanfoxleyyoga.com.