Have you stopped to wonder how you can get off the Hamster Wheel of working a job you don't love, with people who you cannot relate to, in a business that has no meaning for you? How can you get off this hamster wheel and start to live a life filled with happiness, purpose and freedom, and be profitable too?

I have not always been aligned with my Life Purpose, although on a deep intuitive level, I have been unwilling to put much effort into anything that does not serve my higher good. How did I get to be so lucky in this way? Whenever I was in a job working in a way that did not serve my soul, I had to leave! Simple. My life circumstances have been such that I have not personally had to take care of children or parents, and could continue a life-long learning and exploration of all things spiritual. However,even for those of you who are required to care for others, there is a way to follow your Life's Purpose more fully and authentically. For this you need only desire, and a systematic marketing plan.

Having done a great deal of "inner" work (that is, work on myself, learning to manage my energy and releasing that which no longer serves me), and getting closer to what I am really meant to do for my livlihood, I have been able to connect the dots of passion and the "hows" of monetising these passions. I do body/mind healing and coaching through The American Society of the Alexander Technique (www.amsat.ws) as well as Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Energy Healing. These are all modalities that one could call "fringe" methods of therapy, so there is a great need for marketing in order to promote them. Had I not known from a deep place within that this was the work for me, I might still be working in an office or the Corporate world.

Because my passion is so strong and my vision of what I am uniquely called to the world to do is so strong, I have the energy and willingness to work toward promoting myself and my work. Why? Because I have seen so many people be helped by alternative approaches to healing and wellness. I have actually explored these realms for decades, and intend to continue for decades more, hopefully living medicine and pain free for decades to come! Believe, me, I know plenty of people my age who are hobbling through life, taking numerous medications just to feel normal, and living without much connection to their innate vitality.

To take care of the body results in a life of ease, balance, and freedom. You learn to walk and move with less pain. Emotionally you learn how to manage your energy so that the cumulative negative emotions don't get locked into the cellular matrix of the body (minding the body!). Daily stressors do not have the impact on the heart and musculo-skeletal system that most people are encumbered by.

So how can you, if called to listen to an inner voice that says "get out of the J.O.B. and into your life's work", get the kind of life that your soul most truly yearns for while also living in the real world of mortgages and electric bills? The answer is simple. Trust that there is a unique calling that you alone can fill, a unique purpose to serve your self and others that nobody else can do, and then have the courage to get the education, find the mentors, and do the work necessary and receive all of the support necessary to come into your full purpose. You will never look back!

Author's Bio: 

Diane Young is a Soul Awakener who has spent decades walking the talk of living on purpose in her life. Diane's purpose is to awaken one's connection to their own soul's light, and to bring that out into life in a more vital way. Her clients have reported recovery from great physical and emotionally challenges in their lives, and are in fact living with more freedom, ease, and healing day by day. Please go to www.bodymindbalance.net, or to www.soulconnectioncoaching.com to find out more about her services. You will be glad that you did!