I was walking down the street when I saw LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE boldly written on a lady’ shirt. I paused to think about the powerful statement when I saw it. I asked myself: Am I living and loving life?

Many are people who do not live in line with what the four words above are saying. We just live life and forget to obey the remaining two words. Every man breathing is living life, but not necessary loving life. This accounts for the major reason why life gives us its negative part. A lot of people are living on the negative part of life today. Disappointments are faced by many too often. Some have sentenced themselves to a death by personal hanging. A lot of people are committing suicide today. All these happen not because of any of these people’s deliberate intention, but it due to the results life is giving them.

Live Life, Love life simply means we should love life. The fact that you are reading this article today means that you are living life already. But the other aspect of living life is what brings about living life at its fullest.

Love Life! Life will only give you the positive things if and only if you love life itself. You cannot benefit maximally from what you hate. A lot of people hate life and they think they can get good things with such an attitude. Definitely, life is saying NO to such people. Those who love life are those that really enjoy it. There is a difference between surviving and living. Those who hate life are only surviving, but those who love are really living life.

It pays to have the positive things in life, but the positive things don’t just come automatic. There is nothing automated about life. What you are experiencing today is what you attracted yesterday.

You are like a magnet. Life is to be attracted. But you will only attract the side of the magnet you turn to life. If you turn the negative part of your magnet to life, it automatically responds to you by giving you back the negative aspect. I am sure nobody wants to live a miserable life. But the truth is that many are already living it.

From past experience, I have discovered that the reason why many people get negative results is because they hate life. In fact, some have even confessed that to me during counseling. To those set of people, my reply is always Love the life you live.

Let us consider some ways of demonstrating love for life:
• Master your thoughts: while you are thinking, you are communicating with life. When you think about the things you want in your life, you are automatically telling life to give you those things. Let your thoughts change about life. Neglect the negative part of life and focus your thoughts on the positive. Remember, you attract what you think about.

• Master your words: if I am to put what people about life into writing, I will write volumes of books. Change your words. Leave the group of people that say bad things about life. Start talking to life in the way it wants. Many say Life is bad and it automatically becomes bad for them. Don’t complain about life. Life is giving you what you requested and it will always give you what you request. So stop complaining! Stop those words you say about life. When you wake up in the morning, say life is good. Say it wherever you go. Move away from those who confess that life is bad. Master the words of your mouth. Remember the Bible says “He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction”. Destruction is not yours. I am confident that your ways will not end in destruction, But you have to change your words. Listen to what the Bible also says “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. It is those that love life that will enjoy it. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

The steps to loving life does not stop here. For the sake of space, I will limit it to the above. Remember, Life responds to you in the direction you react to it. Live Life, Love Life. Because Life is worth Living and loving.

Author's Bio: 

Soyombo Oluwatobi Timothy is a the founder and C.E.O. of Vision Drive Concepts (a multi-dimensional company). He speaks on various subjects such as Personal Development, Personal Finance and General Mind Motivation. His skill in these areas has made him well sort after recently. He also writes on the above topics.