"Live each day as if it were you last." It sounds wonderful doesn't it?

What would today look like if i truly lived it as if it were my last?

Would i get out of bed? i might just stay a while - not out of depression but because it's so peaceful, so safe, so genuine with being.
Would i waste the time required to shower and shave? Would i brush my teeth? If i were a woman, would i bother with makeup?
What about clothes, would they hold the significance they typically hold?
Would i go to work?
Would i be concerned at all about paying my bills? For that matter, would i care at all about money?
Would i be concerned at all about the price of gas? Would i care about Health Care, or war, or poverty?
Would i spend one last day managing everyone's image of me?
Would i continue the silly game we call "being polite" with those close to me and total strangers?
Would i continue trying to understand everything and figure everything out?
Would i judge people, and make them wrong so i can be right?
Would i bother with the house-cleaning and laundry or would i make others my priority?

Would i finally meet me, and BE with mySelf in loving peace and contentment?

I can't tell you how many times and in how many places i've seen and heard the phrase, "Live each day as if it were you last." I like to think i do, but looking at the list above it is clear to me that i do not.

So, i am drawn to ask why i do these things. For those of you who read my work, you will know that i prefer to stay away from 'why', in favor of 'how', but in this case i think i will spend a moment in 'why'. Are you ready, be prepared so you don't miss my moment in 'why'... here it comes…

Why do i do the things listed above as if today were NOT my last day?
FEAR, that’s why.

Yes, the statement serves a purpose on some level in helping us to aspire to something greater than we think we are. Maybe it offers hope where we think hope is needed, and maybe, just maybe, it speaks of a truth so profound we are simply too afraid to let it shine forth. It's that truth i believe the statement points to and in that, it holds great teaching.

What would the world be, what would my life be, and how would i experience myself, if i truly lived each day as if it were my last?

Now don't go off on a tangent thinking about how impossible it would be because the 'world' won't let you. That's not fair. The adage doesn't say, " Live each day as if it were your last, but only when the 'world' will let you." If i wait for permission from everyone else, it may never happen. However, if i become the one who shifts closer to living today as if it were my last, i open the door for others to do the same.

Notice if you are feeling resistance to all of this right now. Really be honest with yourself. Look inside, see what is there, and if it is resistance, see if you can get in touch with it. What does it feel like for you when you consider what you are reading and your entire being pushes back, saying no, you can't do that? What is it like for you when you consider something so radical you can barely wrap your brain around it?

And yet on the surface level, many accept the statement as if it is common knowledge and we are living it every day. What's that like for you - seeing the two levels?

I offer some of my reasons below that may be more common than i think. Please consider, that because we find ourselves in a dualistic experience, there are two sides to everything. My goal is to explore and expose the side i tend not to look at; the side i don't want to see and go to great lengths to block from my awareness.

Why do i... Get out of bed?
Because life can be wonderful, AND, because i am afraid of what will happen to me and what people will think of me if i don't.

Why do i... Shower and shave, brush my teeth?
Because it feels good to be clean and have clean teeth, AND because i am afraid of what people will think of me if i look unkempt and have bad breath. And, because i am afraid of the pain i might experience if my teeth rot.

Why do i... Go to work?
Because i love what i do (however, i have not yet reached a point of self-honesty where i can know if this is really true) and because i like so many of our modern creature-comforts. AND, because i am afraid of living in a box on the street because i have no money—ultimately, i am afraid of dying.

Why do i... Pay my bills?
See above.

Why do i... Care about Health Care, or war, or poverty?
Because the love inside of me knows things could be different. AND, because i am afraid of what people will think if they know i really don't care as long as my life is good (because this is an aspect of me that i judge as so dark i am unwilling to look for it—it is so deep i often can't see it, but it's there).

Why do i... Manage everyone's image of me?
Because i want to be loving and compassionate… AND, because i want to be a certain way in the world but i am afraid people won't accept me if i stop pretending and become totally accepting of everyone just as they are. Because i am afraid i will not get the things i want, the things i think i need like love, appreciation, validation, recognition and the like if i don't pretend to be the way i think others need me to be in order for them to be able to give me those things.

Why do i... Play the polite game with those close to me and total strangers?
Because it's just nice and keeps us all civil, AND because, believe it or not, i don't want that stranger for whom i did not hold the door open to not like me. I am afraid of their judgment(s) of me.

Why do i... Continue trying to understand and figure everything out?
Because learning is what we do—it’s human nature is to ask questions and to explore. AND, because it keeps me unaware of my experience. It keeps me in ego and away from Spirit, or Being, or Essence. I am unconsciously afraid that if i go there, i will cease to exist.

Why do i... Judge people and make them wrong so i can be right?
Because that's what people do; hello, welcome to planet earth, AND because i am afraid that i am never enough and i must put others below me in my mind as a way to feel better about myself.

Why do i... Bother with the house-cleaning and laundry?
Because it feels nice when things are clean, AND because i am afraid of what others will think of me if they see my house is dirty or if i am wearing dirty clothes (as if my house or clothing have anything at all to do with WHO i am).

Why don't i... Finally meet me, and BE with mySelf in loving peace and contentment?
See ALL answers above.

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Author's Bio: 

Jim McDonald acquired a BA degree specializing in Interpersonal Communication and Group Leadership. He spent sixteen years honing his group facilitation and public speaking skills as a corporate Training & Development professional. His continuing education includes emphasis on the Gestalt Appreciative Inquiry approach to human communication.

Jim has recognized personal victory over his lifelong struggle with childhood codependency and adult addiction through the active synthesis of honesty, spirituality and self awareness into his daily living . A profound awakening process began for Jim in the early 2000’s and today his developing practice of suspending judgment is key to Jim's rediscovery of inner peace.

His education, training and life influences have shaped Jim into a dynamic and inspirational "Student of Experience™". He is a guiding force, sharing his powerful message of self-awareness and inner peace through printed materials, presentations, workshops and coaching sessions.

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