As someone once said to me “when in the room – be in the room”
In other words pay attention be where you are- if at work don’t spend your time thinking about home and if at home don’t spend your time thinking about work.

All you have is now – you cannot live for the morrow or re-live yesterday so you might as well make the most of what you have today.

It is said that yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow is a promissory note so all you have is today – that is now.

Have you ever worked out that there are 1,440 minutes in a day – do you know how many you use wisely? Or how many you waste?

How to Live In the Now by Karim Hajee
The reason you have trouble living in the now is because your mind is simply not used to doing this. Your mind is used to remembering the past or worrying about the future - it can't live in the present because it doesn't know how. But you can teach your mind how to do this and I'm about to outline some simple steps that you can take to start living in the now.
First take a look at your present situation and ask yourself what's wrong with the very moment you are in. Don't think about what happened yesterday or sometime in the past. Don't focus on what might or might not happen tomorrow. Take a look at the very moment you are in not five minutes from now - and see if there is anything wrong. If you are at home - is there something wrong? Don't say you are out of work - that's not the present moment because you are looking at what is not happening. I want you to focus your mind on what is happening - then see what is wrong with that picture. My point is you should find nothing wrong with the present moment - it is what it is - and once you accept it - you can start living again.
Let's face it you can't turn your mind off - but you can get it to work differently and that's what you should start doing. Because if you don't take control of your mind your mind will control you - and that's not going to help you improve your life.
Ask yourself these next questions.
Do you find yourself waiting for something to happen?
Are you waiting to get some more time?
Make more money?
Meet the right person?
Are you waiting for the right opportunity?
Waiting is another game the mind plays because it doesn't want to live in the present moment. If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are not living in the present moment - you are focusing on anything but the present moment. I know you can't focus on the present moment or live in the now 24 hours a day. But start by doing this for a few minutes a day and then continue expanding the exercise every day.
Then track your progress. See how you feel when you only focus on what is happening right now. As you continually do this you'll see yourself starting to enjoy the process.
Here's a suggestion. The next time you are driving or walking pay attention only to what is happening around you. Listen to the sounds, observe the people. Don't think about what you have to do or what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow or what might happen in five minutes.
Focus your attention only on what is happening right now. Doing this will get your mind to start living in the present moment and before you know it you'll be able to focus your mind and utilize the power of now.

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