If you are an on line retailer or simply a customer service provider, you might be aware of the numerous benefits live chat has to offer. It includes real time assistance and reduced operational costs too!

Live chat is very simple to get in function. It is easy an simple, you just need to subscribe to a live chat system or software and its a few lines of codes which are going to be integrated with your existing CRM to get live chat all in function.

Recent studies have also shown that customers who have used live chat function at the website are three times more likely to purchase that site’s products and services as compared to those customers who have not interacted with the chat function even for once.

According to the ATG Global Consumer Trend study, more than 90% of the customers have found live chat useful. Just seeing the live chat icon boosts and inspires the confidence of the customer and even the visitor. When you are giving the option to chat, to your customers, you are providing an opportunity for a two-way conversation. There is no longer any lecture, where you are just boasting about your products and services, in fact it is now a thoughtful interaction with your customers. You are sharing ideas and even gathering spectacular feedbacks for your products and services.

In today’s era of instant gratification,being able to solve and answer the questions and concerns of your customers not only help you to reinforce the fact that you care for your customers but also helps to increase sales and thus profits.

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