There are a lot more e commerce websites that have been adding up live chat to provide real time answers to their proud customers rather than having customers leave their websites. Real time chatting with the customer not only builds up immense confidence of the customer in your business but also helps you to enhance your conversion sales.

A survey with American on line consumers that engage in live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) is reported to say that among 68% who have been engaged in live chat, 63% prefer getting back to the website with a live chat for further purchases.

One of the most important reason for live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) is providing real time convenience to your customers. According to a Forrester research 44% of on line customers say that the most awesome feature that a website can offer is questions answered by a live chat agent in the middle of an on line purchase.

Here the potential customers are the one who need the help of live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) agents in very common situations. Theses common situations are like the customer want to know the about the product specifications. The customers may encounter trouble in finding specific item on a given website, at this moment also they can avail the help of live chat agent who immensely drowned in knowledge can help you out with the problem. Similarly if the customer wants to compare the products, he can get in touch with the live chat (LiveChatAgent.Com) agent.

Getting help in theses scenarios impact the purchase decision a lot. In fact it has also been observed that that more than 38% of on line customers have taken their purchase decision just with the interaction with the live chat representative.

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