One of the biggest concerns people have before investing in any particular product or service is customer service. To cater to this requirement and enhance the customers’ trust in their brands, businesses also emphasize on providing quality customer service solutions. For mobile apps, this is a big step that accounts for steady business growth and helps the business owners expand their customer base. One of the biggest challenges an online business owner faces is losing customers due to the absence of a personal assistant who can answer all their queries and gives them a special, personalized experience.

To curb this problem, the mobile app developers came up with an incredible method - integrating live chat feature in an app. It provides customers an engaging experience by giving them specialized attention of a virtual personal assistant. If you wanted to dig in deeper and understand how this feature can improve your customer service and help your business grow, here’s all you need to know.

How Live Chat Feature Integration Can Benefit An App?

1. Budget-Friendly

By adopting the live chat feature in your mobile app, you can respond to numerous chats at a time with the assistance of your virtual live chat executive. This means that you do not have to hire more agents to offer quality customer service to your clients. Your customers can get immediate query resolutions (for issues like product returns) and product recommendations (based on their specific requirements), which enhances the standard order value. All this happens in a cost-effective way as the expense of setting up an entire helpdesk centre is automatically minimised. Plus, live chat feature integration provides timely and full-time support, boosting the overall user experience of your app.

2. Improved Conversion Rate

Studies show that it’s more likely to convert the clients engaged in live chat than the ones who are not. With this feature, they get to directly ask their questions and get lightning fast responses, thereby feeling more secured to invest their hard-earned money in your products and services. Live chat feature is an important part of the process if you consider outsourcing app development to India because the Indian app developers believe that it helps minimise the bounce rate. This is so because as soon as the customers feel puzzled, they get immediate redressals and this helps improve your conversion rates.

3. Minimise Negative Reviews

If you are not able to offer optimum in-app support to the customers, there’s a possibility that they can leave negative reviews about your app on different online platforms. This can demotivate other users from downloading your app. On the other hand, if there’s an option of quality in-app customer support, it will be easier for you to resolve customer queries. Not only will the live chat feature drastically bring down your app’s overall response time, but will also support your app by garnering trust and positive reviews from customers.

4. Customer Connection

Another significant reason why the live chat feature is a personal favourite of all the smart mobile app developers is that it provides you a better platform to connect with your customers. It helps you gather a lot of important client details like their behaviour, location and feedback, so that you can identify the trending sales approach and focus on targeted marketing in a more organized way.

One of the most sought-after ways to connect with your target audience, the live chat feature enables you to offer a high quality virtual end-to-end customer support to all your clients. Just like it’s important to have your own mobile app to reach out to your prospective customers, it’s equally important to provide them expert customer support services as soon as possible. Your prospective customers will get instant query resolutions and the chances of them recommending your app to others will increase subsequently. A live chat feature makes all this incredibly easy and also enhances the customer satisfaction rate. If expanding your in-house team or doing it all on your own is getting too much for you, the option of outsourcing app development to India can also come as a lifesaver. The Indian app developers are adept at making your app smarter by integrating the live chat option and several other business-friendly features. Start off with a smarter and more far-reaching app today.

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