Once you made your first affiliate marketing sales, your major concern should become how can I earn more? For a business to survive, it needs to grow every single month. If it doesn't, there is a problem.

Many affiliates are stuck in the $300 a month mark because they don't try to do better. All they do is getting more traffic, building more sites, but they forget some essential components.

Think long term

You need to think long term to succeed on the Internet. deliver a tremendous amount of value to your readers and website visitors, help them solve their problems, reply to their emails.

This is how you develop trust and build relationship on the Internet. Don't be afraid to chat with a prospect on MSN or Yahoo Messenger. You can even add your phone number on your website, this is proven to increase sales. If cost is an issue, you can use skype, it won't cost you nothing, just give your ID and start talking about the product.

Never promote products that will let the customer unsatisfied. It may seems obvious, but I've done this mistake, and I can tell you that you feel bad when you lose a good relationship that you took a lot time to build.

Think as your visitors like your friend, would you promote this product to your best friends or your mother? If not, why do you want to sell bad stuff to others?

to succeed and make more affiliate marketing sales, you also need to understand that people are searching for information, they don't want to buy anything yet, they don't know you, they don't trust you, so be sure to prove that your are trustworthy from the beginning.

It's not that difficult, just put the extra effort and add good content on your website. Think about people, nobody like outdated stuff, so be sure to update your website. If it's too much for you. just outsource the work or even better, get a blog.

And don't forget that you don't have to sell the product, this is the merchant's job not yours.

And finally, my last advice for more affiliate marketing sales is perseverance, test, tweak and track.

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