Some people see article writing as a way to increase traffic. Others view as a technique to build revenue. But if you are smart, you can get all this and much more from the articles you write.

The key to this technique is volume. The more articles you write, the better. I’ve written well over 600 articles and I have every one of them stored in a file on my hard drive entitled, Published Articles. Now I could just allow them to sit there doing nothing, but there is a little known article writing tactic that can double your income. This is one of the unknown keys to article writing success.

Initially, I use my articles like everyone else. I submit them to article submission sites where they bring me targeted traffic, increase my income, and provide a healthy dose of backlinks. These are the reasons that most people write articles. But I like my articles to have a healthy work ethic so I make them work double and even triple time. In addition to submitting my articles in the traditional way, there are other things that your articles can do instead of just laying around in your hard drive:

1. Use them in email campaigns to build credibility, provide quality content to subscribers, and make additional sales.

2. Bundle 10 or so together, convert them into a pdf, and use it as a free report.

3. Use these free reports as an incentive for those who subscribe to your list.

4. After adding links to products and web pages that you are promoting, offer these 10 to 15 page reports as free viral ebooks.

5. Send subscribers to your articles for additional content that they can use on their websites.

6. Use them as bonus material for ebooks and other products that you are promoting.

So tell the articles that are resting on your hard drive to get off their lazy butts. Use this little known tactic and increase their work ethic and, more importantly, double your income.

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