When talking about batteries, lithium must be mentioned as an obligation, since they have endless features that make them excellent options in certain cases. In addition, lithium batteries are the most common in many areas of technology and knowing everything about them is essential if you need to buy a battery of this type.

What are lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries are a type of device that allows to accumulate electrical energy that through the use of litho (alkali metal) produces the ions required for the electrochemical reaction necessary to supply electrical energy to the different devices in which they can be Use these batteries.

In this sense, with the implementation of this alkali metal, lithium batteries are currently one of the most recommended and sold energy accumulators around the world; this thanks to aspects such as: its capacity, quality, safety and compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Characteristics of lithium batteries: What makes them so special?

As mentioned earlier, lithium batteries are nowadays one of the most used batteries and this is mainly due to the characteristics they usually possess. Some of the main features offered by these batteries are the following:

They have a nominal cell voltage between 3.6 to 3.7 volts.
- They work correctly in different climates.
- They have an average annual discharge of 1%.
- They are light (up to 3 times lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries).
- Constant and uniform energy flow.
- They can have up to 1500 cycles of loading and unloading.
- No memory effect.

It is important to mention that these characteristics may vary depending on the manufacturer and the use that the battery will have.

Types of lithium batteries: How are these batteries classified?

There are two types of lithium batteries that despite having many similarities, each of them has different characteristics and properties that make them exclusive for certain electronic devices.

The first one is the lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion) (the most commonly used in smartphones). This type of lithium battery uses lithium salts to generate the electrical energy required by the devices. In addition, this is characterized by its high capacity and resistance that give it a long service life (not to mention its compact design, which makes them ideal for small devices that need to be constantly connected to a battery to work). On the other hand, lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries use gel or polymer capsules to store and protect the lithium content, in order to avoid spills. Another feature of these batteries is their design and rounded or semi-rounded shape, especially for smartwhatches and other curved devices. But this is not all, since the use of lithium to manufacture batteries can be extended to any type of these. That is why there are lithium batteries for cars, motorcycles, solar systems, etc.

18650 battery: The popular one

The 18650 lithium battery is one cylinder model with a diameter of 18 mm and a height of 65.0 mm. The rated voltage is 3.7V. Made in parallel and in series, this type has a longer usage time than similar lithium batteries. This type is used in many applications; commercial finance, emergency backup batteries, instruments, medical electronics and so on. When choosing the 18650 one, the quality of protection board is an important factor. Why? This is the heart of the battery pack which serves to protect from overcharging, overcharging and, most importantly, minimizing explosions (damage to lithium batteries in many cases can result in an explosion).

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