Actually you should know about all your rights especially when you are travelling very frequently from one place to another. Actually there are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow in this regard so here in this article we are mentioning all those;


Rights of Passengers While Travelling Through Flights:

  • If by chance you miss the flight or cannot board in to your original flight, then it’s a duty of Airline Company to get you a seat in the next flight. And if that will not be possible then they have to give you compensation for this.
  • When short distance flights that has to travel from less than 932 miles, get delayed for more than five hours then you are entitled to get a refund especially if you decided not to travel any more. So it’s best to apply a five hour refund rule in case of flight delay, so that you could get compensation for your flight delay claim.
  • Airline Company will only give you compensation if the cause of delay will be their mistake. But if the delay has been caused due extraordinary circumstance just like war or civil unrest, natural disasters, strike, security issues, extreme weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, a medical emergency on board, and strikes by airport staff you will never get the compensation.
  • If there is any delay in flight that exceeds 3 hours, then you are entitled to a cash payment of almost €250 (£230) that’s for short flights and for long flights that have to cover the distance of 1,500 to 3,500km then you are entitled to get the compensation of €400 (£365).
  • If Airline Company is cancelling the flight then it completely depends upon the notice that was given to you about canceling the flight. But if the flight was canceled within 7 to 14 days before deciding departure date of flight, then Flight Delay Claim for compensation could be a refund or re-routing otherwise you have to hire a flight delay solicitors.


EU regulation basically applies when passengers will be flying to or from EU airports with EU based airlines. According to this EU regulation you can simply claim a financial compensation when your flight will lands almost 3 hours late. In that case you will be entitled for alternative flight or for financial compensation. 


Basically the government of United States does not control airlines similar to EU and in USA air passengers are actually liable personally for their their own devices and generosity of airline companies. There are no specific rules that airport authorities use to follow regarding issues of delays, baggage issues and cancellations.


Airlines of Middle East just like Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates actually operate under the rules that are pretty much similar to EU regulation. And these Airline companies also offer you substitute flight or compensation in case of flight delay.


Chinese airlines are infamous for their flight delays and they haven’t been required to offer any type of financial compensation. There also you have the right to refund you the money or get compensation if you have to change the travel plans just because of airline delay.

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