Today I received an email from a friend named Dan who recently created a wonderful opportunity to sail a 36 foot boat from Southern California, down the coast of the Americas and across to the South Pacific, and eventually arriving in Hawaii in nine months or so. The boat is not his, yet he is captain of it. And it came about for him for one reason; because he listened to his heart and is following it's call.

Receiving his email was particularly significant with respect to my own life, as I was further discovering how I have created what I have in my years on this planet, and how I have affected others.

It happened as I sat in meditation this morning and Babaji entered my awareness and began to speak with me. He asked in essence if I would like to look at some of my past, and what my decisions have and have not created, both for myself and for others.  As I am always up for greater self realization and adventure, I immediately responded with an enthusiastic "ABSOLUTELY.. YES!"

During much of my early life I lived with subconscious, and very dysfunctional mental patterns, as do many of us. While that wasn't the essence of what he wanted to talk about, it did set the stage. What he was pointing out to me that I had never realized, and actually had never even looked at, was what I had caused, and not caused, to happen by not acting when the Inner Voice called me to do so.

While I was viewing scenes from my past, it gave me pause to wonder what might have happened as a result of my backing away from opportunities that were presented to me.  When several people asked me to create meditation tapes for them for example, and I did not, was the Universe able to fill the gap that my own inner feelings of limitation had created?  Did those people find other avenues and resources that helped them along their path? They obviously needed what I had to offer and asked for my help, but I did not step up to the plate and fulfill what I see now as both my obligation, as well as an opportunity for both of us.

Every day we are presented with opportunities to choose. Choices such as, are we going to listen to the voice of fear, lack, loss, and negativity, or are we going to choose to believe in ourselves and in the voice of the Divine that urges us to higher ground?  In other words, are we going to take the high road or the low one?

I, for one, can tell you that the low road is definitely NOT the way to go.  It is the path of fear and victim-hood. And when we choose it, we are allowing our unconscious inner wounding to continue to influence virtually every moment of every day.

We all have times when the Still Small Voice, the Voice of our Hearts, urges us to take action and move forward in life. But all too often when that Voice arises and asks us to do a certain thing, or to read a particular book, or asks us to help someone who is in need, we don't listen. Instead, we allow our lack of self esteem or a sense of unworthiness or some other excuse, to convince us that it is better, and safer, not to go there.

Babaji's message today had a profound impact on me as I wondered; Did I harm others when I refused to step into and do what was being asked of me? I believe I did. And, I can say for certain that I harmed myself through my failure to do what my heart was telling me was the right thing to do. I obstructed the other person's growth and mine as well.

It actually wasn't until my wife died and I was alone and had to find my way without her that I was literally forced to finally do what I was being led to do all along. That seems to be the case with many of us. We don't make changes until we're forced to.

For me, it was now time to put up the mainsail and stop drifting with the current. I didn't realize it at the time, but it was a blessed point in my life. I could no longer just do things when, and if, I wanted to do them. I knew in the deepest part of my being that I was totally unprepared for life without her, and so I set sail for enlightenment. What ensued though was far more difficult than I believe it would have been had I taken the high road when it was offered many years before.

So why am I telling you this?  Perhaps in the hope that it will help you to see beyond your daily life and to realize that we are here to grow and to Become, and that our choices have an impact both on us and on others. And perhaps to realize that life is filled with opportunities to choose to do, have, and be what our hearts are calling us to do, have and be.

Life is calling you to Awaken to who you Are, and to do what you are here to do. And when you hear the inner voice calling and choose not to get on board the bus, you are missed.  Maybe the universe can fill in the gaps, I don't know.  But even if it can in some way, I don't think it would be the same.  Only you are you, and only I am me.. and we need each other to do our part.

Had my friend Dan not listened to his inner urge to sail, he could not have created such an amazing and wonderful opportunity for growth and freedom that he is experiencing. And, he is an inspiration to others to follow their dreams as well.

So my recommendation is this; listen to the Call when you hear it arise from within you. Whether it's calling you to Awaken, start a business, or travel the world matters not, it's the 'Still, Small Voice', the one coming from deep within your heart that is the one of choice.

It offers adventure, and the possibility of incredible success and fulfillment in life. And not only that, it also benefits Life in the evolution of Consciousness when followed. The low road seems to offer safety and security, but in fact offers only stagnation and unhappiness. Take it from someone who's been there.
In love and light,

By the way.. if you have things you'd like to change from the "past" I'll give you some ways you can do that in my next article. Peace

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John works as an Awakening Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Writer and has an MScD (Metaphysical Science Doctorate) as well as a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. He has also studied Kria Yoga with the Self Realization Fellowship, is a certified Past Life Regressionist and an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and more recently was certified as a Reiki Master Teacher in the Tibetan Usui tradition.

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